This exercise is a variant of the basic Double Leg Raise (please refer to the Basic Exercises for more detail).

Begin by lying on the rack in the neutral position (as shown). For more details on how to get to this position, please visit our section on Getting On.

Next, bring up both legs towards your chest (as shown). This will shift the weight of both legs over your lower back.

Double leg

Finally, tip yourself over to one side; this will shift your weight onto one side of your lumbar spine. The increase in pressure will be substantial. After holding this position for a short period of time (perhaps 30 seconds), bring your legs further towards your chest (as shown).

You should remain tilted.

Again, hold for 30 seconds, and repeat until your legs are as high as possible. Next, return your legs to the starting position (second picture) and lean over to the other side of your spine. Repeat the instructions given above.

Please make sure that you grasp each leg behind the knee.