Spinal BackRack

Those who suffer from chronic back or neck pain know just how debilitating these conditions can be. If you are looking for back pain solutions to enable you to live more comfortably and more productively, the Spinal BackRack is for you. Click Here To Read More

Treating the Cause – Not the Effects of Back and Neck Pain

As a result of over 40 years’ experience in working with sufferers of back and neck pain, Mr BM Luklinski created the Spinal BackRack in 2003 , a device that is clinically proven to successfully treat the underlying causes of chronic neck and back pain. In his experience offering back pain support during those four decades, Mr Luklinski helped to rehabilitate thousands of patients and now his expertise brings the BackRack to market where thousands more can find the back pain solution they have been looking for.

It isn’t enough to treat the pain without getting to the underlying reason back pain support is needed. Through innovative back pain relief products, such as the BackRack with lateral spindles consisting of two nodules, support is given to both sides of the central nerve channel where it is most needed. This support offers an opportunity for the reduction of swelling which in turn will treat the cause, not simply offer back support.

Choose Your Size

When it comes to back pain products, your size and height need to be carefully considered and so the BackRack comes in two sizes so that everyone of any height can find the back support they are so in need of. You can choose between a large and a small BackRack with the following specifications:

  • Large BackRack – For those measuring between 1.75m and 2.00m (5’9” to 6’6”)
  • Small BackRack – For those measuring between 1.55m and 1.75m (5’1” to 5;9”)

Remember, when it comes to choosing the right back pain products, size does matter. We have taken the therapeutic effects into consideration when designing the Spinal BackRack because support needs to be placed on exact areas where pain originate.

Getting the Support You Need

Whether you are looking for a lumbar support cushion or back support to begin changing your posture whilst seated, Spinal BackRack has the clinical device you need to ease your suffering and treat the underlying cause at the same time.

Although thousands have found relief through Mr Luklinski’s therapeutic techniques and products, you won’t know just how good it feels to be free from pain until you’ve tried it yourself. The BackRack is not for use by pregnant women, those suffering from severe scoliosis or with diagnosed spinal tumours. All others should feel free to find relief from the Spinal BackRack but if you have any doubts, always defer to your doctor’s advice.

Begin finding your back pain solutions today. It’s amazing what a bit of clinical technology and a whole lot of experience can do. That’s the winning combination of Mr Luklinski and the therapeutic Spinal BackRack. That’s the relief you’ve been longing for and it’s here now so don’t delay one more day. Find relief – find the back pain products you need here at Spinal BackRack. COLLAPSE…