SUMMARY of FACTS RATIONALE: SPINAL MOBILISERS, the world revolutionary, self-care, non-invasive, patented (TM and CE certified), orthopaedic spinal devices, provide a comprehensive system for self-treatment of spinal disorders (common BACK PAIN).

The normal adult spine is skeletally deformed, thus diagnosis is very complicated, even from specialists. Abnormal spine criteria (not abnormal joints), including bone abnormalities, new/old soft tissue changes, movement abnormalities and pain response, are treatable by the SPINAL MOBILISERS system.

The system applies a world revolutionary concept developed by leading specialists in Orthopaedic Medicine and Spinal Rehabilitation. Applications are based upon clinical data proven research observation and all relate specifically and directly to spinal pathology. It is accepted and proven fact that 99.5% of ALL spinal deformity disorders are due to a mechanical pathologies and symptoms are treatable accordingly.

A SKELETAL / PRIMARY PASSIVE oscillatory movement controls an ACTIVE NEURO-MUSCULAR-SECONDARY one. That is why the system is NOVEL effective. The patients body weight shifts own application, thus the facet joints return towards their starting position. Repeated application leads to progressive decompression of the spinal structures.

As a result, the spine lenghtens and both joint mobility and soft tissue elasticity increase and stiffness is reduced. Patients can control their own body weight distribution precisely via the longitudinal axis of the device. Through rhythm, amplitude,force and position thus self-mobilisation

A position lying down reduces total body weight loads to 25%. Repetitive movements of the vertebral canal, intervertebral foramen, neuro-central joints, zygoaphophyseal joints, foraminal and canal structures, the spinal cord, the duras, blood vessels, nerve roots and their dural structures are involved.

Non-specialistic radiological “diagnostic” (passive non-dynamic structures) evidence (X-rays, MRI scans, tomograpy, myelograpy…) are clinically worthless in causative (pain ?) diagnosis, because they do not reflect the totality of clinical condition. So called surgical “diagnosis” are 100% clinically FALSE, apart from applied FALSE procedures.

The specific medical rationale of the system is based upon orthodox principles of ORTHOPAEDIC MEDICINE (since 1960) by Cyriax, Maitland, Luklinski (others source authors/contributors…), addressing causes, hence symptoms.

The specific rationale is contained in CE mark, 40 pages medical validation, and an extensive literature of 192 authors. MOBILISATION of acute chronic disorders is a commonly accepted as THE EFFECTIVE THERAPY in PRIMARY CARE (99.5 % curability) WORLDWIDE by European guildliness, NICE / UK and especially as a PREVENTATIVE spinal rehabilitation tool of for AGEING POPULATION.

The System covers ALL venues of spinal disorders through 4 products application:

Benefits of self-therapy

Cures/ prevents all spinal mechanical disorders (99%) e.g. back pain, sciatica, hip pain bulging/ herniated / prolapsed discs, stenosis, nerve impingement, leg pain, headaches, spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, pre/post-operative conditions, AGEING spine, visceral disorders e.g. constipation, bowl problems and bladder weakness.

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