We understand that people in the medical profession are very busy. That is why we have designed this section, to highlight the areas of the site especially relevant to you.

We also plan to use this section to provide additional information. For example, we provide a Bibliography of relevant texts (most of which are still in print) for those who wish to learn about Orthopaedic Medicine.

We also plan to publish an in-depth, technical account of how the BackRack works.

If you would like to try the BackRack, either for yourself, or on behalf of your patients, we have a number of units available at discounted prices (new and boxed).Please Contact Us for further details.


The following sub-sections will introduce you to the BackRack™:

IntroductionThis will give you an overview of the Backrack and what it does.

How does it work?This explains the basic, medical principles, upon which the design is based.

How do I use it?You do not need to review this in detail (unless you wish to use the BackRack™ yourself), but it will help to put the rack into context.

ContraindicationsThis will explain who can, and cannot, use the BackRack™.

Back Pain Information

The site contains a wealth of information about back pain. In particular, we recommend the following sections:

Patients Referrals

We are happy to accept referrals to our Spine Clinic in London (UK).The clinic is run by Mr Luklinski, the inventor of the BackRack™, and an expert in spinal rehabilitation. Mr Luklinski has over 40 years of clinical experience, and specialises in difficult and severe cases of back pain that have not responded to other forms of treatment.