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BackRack + BackRack Belt Bundle Offer
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EVERYBODY WILL EXPERIENCE BACK PAIN AT ONE POINT IN THEIR LIFE….CURE YOUR CAUSE AND HENCE YOUR SYMPTOMS OUR PRODUCTS ARE PATENTED AND BASED ON 40 YEARS CLINICAL EXPERIENCE…. Discover our best selling products in a special bundle offer. The unique patented Backrack and Backrack belt work on the same concept but are both necessary in todays lifestyle. The Backrack deals with the whole spine to be use at home and the Backrack Belt deals with the lower back whilst on the move, whilst travelling etc. The benefits include:

  • Less pain and stiffness
  • more flexibility and mobility
  • complete relief from muscular pain and tension
  • absolutely no side-effects

BackRack products are now worldwide patented orthopaedic devices. Unlike costly ineffective on going treatments and devices that only mask the symptoms of back pain short‐term, BackRack directly targets the cause so for just one investment, you can expect a long-lasting solution. Backrack….Effective, safe and unique… expertise in back care



Effective, safe and unique… expertise in back care BackRack is constructed from high–‐quality ethically–‐sourced wood, and consists of a number of lateral spindles, each of which carries two nodules. Together, the nodules lie on either side of a central channel. The belt is based on the same concept but concentrates on the lower back to keep you going on the move, whilst running, gardening etc


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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 4 cm

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