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Based on patented Backrack technology, the Backrack is a decompression device designed for home use, safely without supervision in the comfort of your own home. It works on the whole spine (cervical,thoracic and lumbar regions) and through following a specially designed program of exercises the Backrack can treat not just the symptoms but the causes of back pain. It has a unique concept and application in back care. Backrack mirrors the natural curvature of the spine. As a result, the back is fully supported:

Designed by Harley Street specialists to help reduce your back pain

The benefits include:

  • less pain and stiffness
  • more flexibility and mobility
  • complete relief from muscular pain and tension
  • absolutely no side-effects

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BackRack™ is a unique worldwide product for the treatment of back pain. Endorsed by world top spinal specialists and incorporating worldwide patented technology, it is truly a stand–-alone product in back care. BackRack™ tackles the cause of you back pain instead of masking the symptoms like other products, so you can expect lasting results helping you avoid the need for more aggressive forms of treatment, such as surgery.


The Backrack is for anybody that suffers from cervical,thoracic or lumbar backpain or any of the symptoms associated by it:

Unlike costly ineffective on going treatments and devices that only mask the symptoms of back pain short-term, BackRack directly targets the cause so for just one investment, you can expect a long-lasting solution.

It helps reduce and prevent spinal conditions including



All back pain is caused by bone deformity directly linked to compression.

This is when your spine becomes squashed or shortened from its natural length.

BackRack works directly on the cause of back pain by decompressing your spine. By treating the cause rather than just the symptoms, you can banish back pain – for good. It has a unique concept and application in back care.

If your condition is not listed or unsure if the Backrack is suitable for you? Contact us and we can advise



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Large [1.75m and 2.00m tall (5′ 9″ to 6′ 6″)], Small [1.55m and 1.75m tall (5′ 1″ to 5 9″)]

Reviews (33)

33 reviews for Backrack™

Dave Wood

I used to suffer from chronic (and occasionally very severe) back pain for ten years until visiting the Back Pain Clinic in London. I now use the backrack on a daily basis – in fact, I’ve been so impressed with it that I joined the company (Back Rack Ltd) in February 2003.

Prior to this, I tried virtually everything to cure, or at least manage the symptoms, of my back (and neck) pain – I visited two chiropractors, eight different osteopaths, and sampled a wide variety of products, none of which proved successful.

Thanks to Bogdan (the inventor of the backrack), I no longer experience any pain. My spine isn’t perfect (yet), but I am healthier now than I have been for the last fourteen years.

I am totally committed to the Company and believe, very passionately, in what we’re trying to achieve – we want our products to be readily available to anyone who needs them (essentially, anyone suffering from back pain).

Of course, I expect you to be somewhat sceptical. The backrack is, after all, just one more product in a market that is currently filled with many products – and all of them claim to help back pain. You’ve probably tried a number of them and found most, if not all, of them to be a waste of money. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to explain how the backrack works.

Mr. Andrew J.Knorowski

Thanks for your product! I received Back Rack and used it immediately and just as immediately I can see that is definitely capable of proving the therapeutic relief and hopefully healing and restoration for my spine. Once again, thanks again for a well-designeded effective device, Sincerely

Dr Evans

I have been using the backrack for several months now on a fairly regular basis, both after a strenuous day at work and after gardening at the weekend. The backrack has proved itself as a valuable device, especially for back relaxation. After about 15 minutes on it, lower back discomfort and stiffness greatly improve and often disappear. I also use the backrack for gentle exercises, mainly for the abdominal muscles.

The backrack is easy to use, versatile, and can be used to substantial benefit in the comfort of one’s own home.

Mr. Richard Errington

I recently (end of May) bought a back rack from you and I felt I must write to say how fantastic it is!! I have used it every day without fail (I even take it on holiday with me!) for 15 minutes and the difference is amazing.

I am a good centimetre taller and there are now times when I am completely pain free. I shall continue using it every day! I have also recommended it to various friends who have back problems. Once again, very many thanks.

Mrs. Riitta Rutanen

I have just placed on order for a backrack. I would like to get the LONGER unit, as I am ordering it for my sons, one of whom is 6 feet and the other just over 6 feet, and both still growing. Please note that I am very familiar with the backrack, as I have used it daily since visiting Dr. Luklinski’s clinic in January 2002. I had multiple disc injury and have made almost complete recovery.

Would you please let Dr. Luklinski know, how very grateful I am for having had the opportunity to be treated by him and to be introduced to the backrack.

Mr. James Hong

I just got the Back Rack and have used it twice so far. In only two sessions, I have felt noticeable improvement. I am so glad I avoided surgery and bought this device instead. You do not know how grateful I am. You need to go on an advertising blitz with this device. This device is a gold mine!

Mr. Colin Knox

Dear Mr. Luklinski, I have had one of your Backracks since 2006. I have meant for some time to write for sometime however my moving to the US has reminded me to do so. I would like to thank you for this excellent device. I have had chronic backache for over 15 years with an increasing number of acute episodes leaving me on occasion on my knees.

A routine of swimming and Pilates improved the situation however since I have been using the Backrack I have had no acute episodes. Wonderful device, it has been around the world with me and will be coming to the US as hand luggage. Did I understand you are developing a travel version…? Thanks again.

Mr. Mike Alford

I have suffered with lower back pain for 30 years and had spinal injections, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, massage and every other treatment going that I could try including 2 visits to leading back surgeons for an opinion on my pain to no lasting effect.

I was advised that my spine was damaged and fusing together the lower sections was the only option to remove the pain.

Since using your Backrack, which was painful to start with for the first 3 days, the pain has gone by 90%. Having been abroad for 2 weeks and not been able to use it, the pain has started to creep back in so I have ordered a 2nd one to take to our holiday home so I am never without the help it can give me. Many thanks for a great product.

Mr. Marius Wohlrab

Dear Mr. Luklinski, from the moment I lay down on the BackRack I felt my self healing process take hold. I cannot thank you enough. I am now pain free even after 24 hours and fully operational!

I am flying to the USA on 21st February and would like to come by your office in the evening if you have a portable device I can take with me.

If not I would like you to measure me for one so that I can pick it up next time I come through London from Gibraltar. Many thanks again for your AMAZING HEALING MACHINE.

With Fond Regards

Mr. Thomas Tham

Thank you Mr. Luklinski, I bought one from your BackRack a few years ago and always speak highly of your invention. Recently a friend of mine was having a very bad pain in his lower back that he can hardly move. It reminded of me when I had my sciatica problem, so I lent him mine a few days ago until his new one arrived. He said he is much better now and can move about.

Many Thanks.

Tom M.

Just wanted to say….. I used the BackRack today for the first time as instructed on the box (it’s kinda painful, but a good kinda pain, if that makes sense). Anyway, I got up after doing all the exercises, ZERO pain for a good 5 minutes. That’s amazing for a first go.

I have since been wearing the belt for 90 minutes whilst laying down watching TV.

I decided to set a little challenge and for the first time in now 2 weeks, I have managed to walk to the shop and back (about 8 minutes total). I was in pain when I got back, but maybe a 5 out of 10 and noticeably slumped to my side, so when I got in I laid down, did two minutes of massage just at the very top of my thigh and I’m totally out of pain again.

8 Mins walking is not much of an achievement, but considering Ive used this thing for 90 minutes I am truly shocked. I am so happy considering yesterday I could do maybe 30-60 seconds before collapsing.

I’m going to build a site about my experiences with the back pain, NHS, temp med relief and your product.

I am well and truly amazed. Do you have affiliate scheme?

Mr. Ian Carr

As part of my treatment with Mr Luklinski I have purchased two of his self-care products, The Back Rack and the Spinal Belt.

Both products are simple to use but are so effective and offer immediate relief and form a big part of the rehabilitation process.

The Back Rack and Spinal Belt help to decompress the vertebrae and keep the spine mobile. Personally, I cannot understand why the NHS do not invest in these products because they clearly work and would save the NHS millions of pounds from other useless “care” currently on offer.

Mr. Roger Young

I have been diagnosed with spondylolisthesis (scale 1) and stenosis of the spine by two surgeons in Hampshire. I have been in increasing pain for more than ten years (now almost age 65 years) but have refused spinal surgery. I have tried most methods of treatment on the market and was very pleased to find your website specifically addressing this type of condition.

I therefore purchased a “BackRack” and “Lumbar Spinal Belt” from you and have been using these for several weeks. I find both devices helpful and realize that it may take a long time before I can really judge the improvement in pain free mobilisation…

Ms. Emma Roberts

I began using the Back Rack as I had recurrent, intense pain near my hips, which had been mis-diagnosed as endometriosis.

I saw Bogdan and upon examination he found that the pain was actually an effect of the misalignment of my pelvic joint/lumbar spine due to one leg being shorter than the other. I’ve been using the Back Rack weekly now for 3 months and the pain has completely gone. I also use it when I have aches and tension from hunching over when sewing.

I find the Back Rack really comfortable to lie on and I really notice the difference afterwards, my back feels relaxed and straightened out. I would still be in a lot of pain if I hadn’t tried this, the Back Rack has been very effective for me and delivered the intended result!

J Quantin

After many years of back pain and its consequent discomforts, I recently purchased a BackRack – using this daily, the feeling of the spine being firmly supported and eased into a natural position creates a feeling of great relief which is comforting, giving hope of great improvement.

Therefore, I am confident that continuous and regular use of same will prove to be of enormous benefit in the near future…


I have used your back rack previously, as a friend of mine had purchased it years ago and I borrowed it. It helped me enormously and I should have ordered my own personal one years ago.

Mr. Morag, Brecon.

“I have been suffering from back pains for a few years, and have tried a few different things that did not seem to offer any relief. I found Mr. Luklinski, and everything changed, he diagnosed me with ease and treated me weekly, he persisted where I would have given up. He is undoubtedly the best spine expert out there!!!
Along with the treatment I used both his lumbar belt, and his BackRack. Both have been extremely helpful. What can I say?… The guy is a genius. These are no normal accessories, the theory behind them is very unique and thorough, and I hope Mr. Luklinski will manage to get them out to everyone who suffers from spinal pain.
More than everything else, I have found Mr. Luklinski to be a very special type of man, and although I went to him as a patient, he soon turned into a friend. Forget anyone else: no one has the type of expertise.”

H Colyer

I am finding my BackRack an extremely helpful addition to my aids to relieve lower back pain and immobility – particularly first thing in the morning when my back is very stiff and painful, I find considerable relief. I think it has also helped to ease fluid retention around my sacrum.


I work in an office and spend most of my day in front of a computer with negative effects on my posture and back pain. Since I started using the back rack my problems with cervical pain are almost disappeared.

I use the BackRack about 3 times a week when I feel my back is very stiff and after 10 minutes you really feel that tension starts to alleviate. It has also become an integral part of my stretching routine after a workout, it is just great to lay on it after a long running session.

Highly recommended.


Ive had been treated by in the clinic and bought a BackRack and back belt, I’ve been suffering from back problems before that have now almost eliminated,

I think the genius of your work is underestimated, and its foolhardy for anyone suffering from
pain and back related symptoms not to purchase your products, I swear by them.

J McGrath

I have recently purchased a BackRack and have been using it for the last few days. It feels fantastic after performing the first basic exercise and even just lying on the rack for a period of 20 minutes per day!!! Thank you so much!

R Henderson

I have found the BackRack to be very helpful. It increases my mobility and decreases my stiffness. If my back feels stiff because I’ve been gardening, I lie on the BackRack and it feels much more mobile afterwards and less stiff.

Mike T.

I was suffering from chronic back pain for a few years. I decided to buy the BackRack for its uniqueness as a patented product for back pain (the only one). After doing 3x sessions daily in a row my back pain was less and improved a lot after being used as instructed for a month. I would highly recommend anyone to buy this product and not the fake ones that are cheaper on the market, its absolutely worth the money! They are not doing the same as this one!!! Thanks again SpinalBackRack!!!

David M.

I have tried different back products before…so far none of the products (similar or cheaper) compare to the backrack, or have helped me sort my chronic back pain out. ONLY the backrack has helped me reduce the back pain until almost nothing. I can definitely recommend backrack to all the people that are suffering from chronic back pain or lower back pain. THE MONEY IS WORTH IT BECAUSE THIS IS A KIND OF “MIRACLE PRODUCT”. Thanks a lot Mr Luklinski!

Mr. David M.


I have had the opportunity to try out both the Back Belt and the BackRack and I was pleased with the results immediately (even after a few minutes). I have purchased the belt as I’m working long hours sitting on a chair, and it helps keep the back straight because as we all know after sometime we lose correct posture. I have to say I am really impressed with the BackRack products. Despite spending many hours in fitness training I still suffer with back pain. The BackRack helps me compensate in those moments because it supports and aligns my spine, just a few minutes of it a day or when I feel is necessary and I am back on track with a therapeutic relief.

Anne Grantham

I was suffering from chronic back pain for the last year. After a bit of search on internet I decided to buy the BackRack. Well, since last month, my chronic back pain is almost gone and now I fell a new person. Finally I can life a normal life thank to this product.

Keith H.

I received the BackRack 2 weeks ago and since I been using it I am feeling much better with my neck and back pain. This product can really make the difference to your life.

Mr Joe D.

Thank you so much – You developed a great product – I have been telling everyone that I know about it.

Jon J.

I have been using the backrack for the last 2 weeks as I have been suffering from lower back pain. After 2 weeks I feel much much better and finally I found a product for back pain that I can use.

Frank T.

Fantastic product that helps me to alleviate and cure my lower and neck pain. Thanks Backrack

Marie G.

I bought it because I was suffering of building disk. My pain has relief after few weeks of session, the way that the backrack’s noodles are compressing your spine cord is fantastic. I do fell much more relief and relax after 10/15 minutes per session a day.

Jenny S.

I had had a spinal fusion few years back but I am still suffering from back pain. I bought the backrack and the helps that this products is giving me is amazing…The pain is less and my back is better since I begin using the backrack. I wish I could know about this product before, I could avoid an useless surgery!

Matthew R.

I have been using the Backrack for the last 3 weeks. I had a lower back and left leg pain. I followed the exercises present in the manual and I felt relief after 1 week. At the 3rd week I am felling much better and my back pain and leg pain almost disappear. I am happy with it.

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