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Spinal bulging disc

What is a spinal bulging disc? A spinal bulging disc is quite a common injury. They can be referred to in different ways, but basically, they are spinal discs which have changed shape due to pressure on a disc. It might also be caused by the ageing process. Bulging discs are sometimes also known as protruding discs. Sometimes the .

What is a herniated disc exactly?

What is a herniated disc? If you have been diagnosed with a herniated disc, you might be wondering what this means. You may also believe, erroneously, that you will need an operation. Let’s start by explaining what a herniated disc is exactly. A herniated or slipped disc. A herniated disc is often called a slipped disc. A disc is .
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Car seat back support considerations

Do you drive? Take a look at our car seat back support If you are a driver, whether you work as a taxi driver, for example, or just drive for pleasure, you can make your back more comfortable if you use a car seat back support. If you are going to buy a car seat back support, make sure that .