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Over-Diagnosis of Back Pain Brings Harm Than Any Good!

Chiropractic care, ice, heat, and gentle exercise are evidently one of the best ways of treatment for back pain claim the latest news from Harvard Medical School. These conservative ways can beat the minute day treatment and diagnosis options that actually break the bank. They can end a culture of unnecessary tests, narcotics and surgery referrals adopted by most .

The Psychology of Back Pain – How to change your mind’s biology?

As back pain is quite common among people, there are also as many different responses as the number of people experiencing it. The same level of pain experienced by two different people can be totally different in respect of responses. This is all due to differential psyche and outlooks of people. Psychological factors of the patients regarding pain are .

Reduce Sports-Related Back Pain and Stress

Exercise and sports are a symbol of well-being and good health. Apart from maintaining the health, they add a sense of pleasure to life. But spine is the question to ask yourself before getting plenty of exercises. Every sport is known to put some kind of stress on your spine. That is why providing flexibility to your ligaments and .

Association of Back Pain with Smoking

According to new studies, people who smoke are at a greater risk of developing chronic back pain than the people who do not smoke. Back pain is one of the most common medical problems and the second most cause of visiting the doctor all over the world. Increased Risk of Backache with Smoking According to a study, smoking enhances .

Get rid of a Stiff Back – Treat the Root Cause of Pain

The common causes of back stiffness are muscle spasm or arthritis of the spine, especially in the lumbar region. People who are suffering from the arthritis of the lumbar region, have progressively worsening symptoms over the years. Muscle stiffness is also caused by an acute trauma due to heavy weight lifting by wrong technique or any other cause. Neck .

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Modalities

What is Sacroiliac Joint? The sacroiliac joint is a linkage system between the lower part of the spine and pelvis. Our tailbone (sacrum) connects with the right and left sides of pelvic bones to form sacroiliac joint. Our sacroiliac joint is a fairly stiff and rigid connection between the tailbone and pelvic bones, and only a few degrees of .

Daily Habits to Reduce and Prevent Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem nowadays. Chronic back pain means a backache that is continued for persistent 12 weeks or more even the underlying cause of an acute backache or initial injury has been treated. Common Causes of Back Pain Here are some causes which may cause you to suffer from chronic back pain. Any tear in the .

Questions To Ask Your Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon

Today, surgery is accepted worldwide to treat chronic back pain without realising the risks involved in the whole procedure. Even orthopaedic spine surgeons admit that a high chance of failure exists so much so that Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is a recognised, and serious, condition amongst their patients. Surgery is incredibly invasive and once you undergone this procedure, there’s .