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Scheuermann Disease, Epidemiology, Classification, Symptoms and Treatment

Scheuermann’s Disease is also known as juvenile kyphosis. It is a disorder of thoracic or thoracolumbar region of the vertebral column in which the child feels severe backache along with kyphosis of the spinal column. Also, some regional changes happen in the bodies of vertebral bones. Epidemiology This disease happens in almost 5% of the general population. The range .

Annular Tearing – How Does It Happen? What Are Treatment Options?

An intervertebral disc is a type of ligament that connects one vertebra to the next adjacent vertebral bone. These intervertebral discs act as shock-absorbing cushions between the vertebrae of the spinal column. Each intervertebral disc has two parts. The outer ring-like structure is called as annulus fibrosis and the inner soft jelly-like part is known as nucleus pulposus. The .

Lumbar Hyperlordosis – Exercises and Treatment Options

It is a postural disorder in which the natural arch of the lumbar region of the vertebral column is slightly or markedly enhanced. It commonly happens when the vertebral column has to bear extreme stress or extra weight repeatedly and it is curved excessively even muscle pain and spasms happen. Common Causes of Lumbar Hyperlordosis There may be many .

Compressed Nerve in Back or Neck – Symptoms, Risk Factors and Treatment

A “trapped nerve” is a condition when enhanced pressure causes the damage or irritation of a peripheral nerve. It results in uncomfortable sensations, pain, and numbness in the affected region of the back, neck, or shoulders. Risk Factors for a Compressed Nerve Any factors which cause aggravated pressure around the cervical region can cause a compressed nerve. Common reasons .

The Relation Between Sedentary Lifestyle and Non-Specific Lower Back Pain

Back pain is not an uncommon problem these days. If you are facing back pain which is chronic in nature, you are more prone to develop a physical “disuse syndrome.” What is disuse syndrome? Basically, this syndrome tells the effects of a sedentary lifestyle on the physic and mind of a person. It was first described in 1984 and .

Back Pain Treatment – A Comparison of Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological Treatment for Backache

Back pain is a common problem nowadays. According to studies, every person is prone to develop back pain at least once in life. Backache is the second leading cause of visiting a doctor all over the world. There may be many causes of back pain and different treatment options available including pharmacological treatment, surgical interventions for treatment and non-drug .