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The Relation Between Sedentary Lifestyle and Non-Specific Lower Back Pain

Back pain is not an uncommon problem these days. If you are facing back pain which is chronic in nature, you are more prone to develop a physical “disuse syndrome.” What is disuse syndrome? Basically, this syndrome tells the effects of a sedentary lifestyle on the physic and mind of a person. It was first described in 1984 and .

Back Pain Treatment – A Comparison of Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological Treatment for Backache

Back pain is a common problem nowadays. According to studies, every person is prone to develop back pain at least once in life. Backache is the second leading cause of visiting a doctor all over the world. There may be many causes of back pain and different treatment options available including pharmacological treatment, surgical interventions for treatment and non-drug .

Lumbar Paraspinal Muscle Spasm: Classification, Treatment Modalities, and Prevention

A back spasm is a condition when the muscles of the lower back contract or become tense. It is a very painful condition. The condition varies from infrequent spasm which causes mild pain or discomfort to chronic spams which cause severe backache even the patient become unable to move. The back spasm can be treated by muscle relaxing treatment .

Effectiveness of a Lumbar Support Belt in Acute Lower Back Pain

Protecting your back using lumbar support belt is a good remedy for those who are suffering from a joint sprain, injuries to the back, back muscle strain or who are recovering after surgery. If you are facing acute back pain and want to continue your work routine, a back support belt is a good option for you. These belts .

How to Deal with Middle Back Pain in the Morning?

Do you feel severe middle back pain when you wake up in the morning? This problem is not uncommon these days. Usually, middle back pain is felt below the neck and above the lowermost part of the rib cage. This region of the vertebral column is known as the thoracic region. Morning back pain doesn’t go easily because, in .