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Does Back Pain Go Away on its Own? Clinical Features and Duration of an Acute Back Pain

Back pain is the third leading cause of visiting a doctor all over the world. It usually goes away on its own and almost 90% of the persons suffering from lower backache recover within a few weeks. The pain may be sudden or gradual in onset and it may be of sharp or dull type. The pain can range .

Prevalence of Back Pain among Farmers – Risk Factors and Measures to Reduce the Incidence

Chronic back pain is prevalent among farmers due to the physical demands of the profession. Farmers are supposed to do heavy weight lifting frequently and they have to push or pull heavy objects to complete their tasks. Back injuries either short term or chronic are common among farmers. After the occurrence of one injury, your vertebral column requires special .

Relationship between Migraine and Chronic Back Pain – Triggering Factors and Sequela of Migraine

Migraine is a type of headache which may be unilateral or bilateral, throbbing type and it may be mild, moderate or severe. Typically it is associated with typical symptoms called aura. These symptoms may include photophobia, nausea, vomiting, flashes of light in front of eyes or feelings of numbness, etc. in the body. Migraine is aggravated by light, sounds, .

When Your Back is Out of Alignment

Although deformities of the back are not very common these days yet every person is prone to suffer from any deformity of back or vertebral column due to poor posture, certain diseases or many other causes. Anything related to your vertebral column or neck is serious and it has a great effect on your overall health. Your vertebral column .

Stop Over-Treating Your Lower Back Pain

Back pain is not an uncommon problem in the modern world. There may be many underlying reasons for chronic back pain. It is recommended in the latest treatment guidelines that the people suffering from chronic back pain must go for drug-free remedies ranging from simple heat application to physical therapy before starting the medication. The recommendation emphasises more on .