Housework Back Pain – 3 Things You Can Do to fix It

Doing household chores isn’t always easy on your body, and many people who engage in cleaning activities such as vacuuming, mopping, washing dishes, and doing their laundry often find that they end up with lower back pain, neck pain, sore and strained back muscles when they’re all done, or even before they manage to finish the chores.

Although it might be obvious that housework itself can cause a pain in the spine, the mechanisms behind the process of doing housework that lead to back pain are not something we necessarily pay attention to.

Before we list what you can do for pain management and improve your back pain in this situation, have a look at the most common causes of back pain caused by doing work around the house:

  • Strain and injury, which tend to affect the lumbar spine most often due to repetitive bending and twisting, leading to low back pain.
  • Poor lifting technique of heavy household cleaning items or furniture that is moved during the cleaning process.
  • Working for long periods of time without taking a break.
  • Muscle imbalances or weak core muscles that can’t sustain the spine properly during strenuous activities, such as cleaning the house, gardening, or performing other labour-intensive household chores

If you suffer from backache after doing housework, consider following some of the tips below in order to find some much-needed relief and feel like yourself again.

1. Take a break every now and then

Running errands for large amounts of time without taking a break will cause you back pain very easily. That’s why it’s a good idea to take a break every now and then and sit down when you can, especially if you can feel a sharp pain. If that is not possible for you, at least try to avoid bending too much, as this also places pressure on your spine.

2. Improve your posture

Having your body in stooped positions is quite a common occurrence when doing chores around the house. However, good posture can work wonders to help improve your back pain in this scenario. One good way to improve your posture is to perform exercises that strengthen your core.

Strengthening your core will tighten the muscles that are responsible for keeping your body upright. The stronger they are, the less effort they need to make to keep you balanced. Strong core muscles also help reduce the strain that is placed on your back. This means there will be less (and sometimes no) back pain for you!

3. Try Orthopaedic Spinal Products

There are a variety of orthopaedic spinal products that you can use at home, but you should only invest those products that have been proven to work well and to provide you with safe results. A great option is the Spinal Backrack Lumbar belt, which is really simple to use, yet provides incredible results.

Alternative option: try the Backrack Lumbar Decompression Belt

Lower Spine Belt

Backrack Spinal Decompression Belt

Treat back pain while you're walking, working or doing household chores. The Backrack Lumbar support belt incorporates patented Backrack technology that not only supports your spine, but massages it while you keep going about your day, in order to provide pain relief that lasts even after taking off the belt.

If neither of the previous methods mentioned above work for you, there is no reason do despair, as there are alternatives. You can now treat back pain while you’re walking or even working.

All you have to do is wear the back support belt and allow it to increase your mobility and flexibility while reducing your stiffness and pain, from your upper back to your lower back.

As you move, you’ll notice that your muscles loosen (because they became stiff from the tension caused by working around the house) and that your back pain starts to subside.

And the best part is that you can get the relief that you need without having to take any harsh prescription medications that could cause unwanted side effects. You also don’t have to resort to any drastic approaches to treat back pain.

Even more than that, you can continue with your daily life as it is, while you back is being treated.

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