4 Ways to Avoid Invasive Back Pain Treatments

Not all back problems require invasive treatments such as painkillers, steroid injections, spinal fusion, and etc. Today, surgery is a widely accepted part of medical science which is a quite brutal approach to treat back pain. Do you know that almost every type of common back pain can be treated without even using any medicine? Based on our 40+ years of clinical experience, we can tell you that over 98% of all back pains are caused by the compression of the spinal column. Spinal compression is not a big problem. There are simple ways to naturally decompress the spine and relieve back pain even at home.

Backrack™ Spinal Decompression Device

It’s a unique, patented medical device designed to treat and prevent all types of back pain safely at home. The Backrack™ technology helps you to get rid of long-lasting chronic back pain using a natural spinal decompression method. Its unique concept and application system works on the root cause of pain instead of masking the symptoms. Apart from healing the lower back pain, the device is equally good for treating the pain in the thoracic and cervical regions of the spine. The Backrack™ device helps you avoid invasive back pain treatments like painkillers, steroids, or even spine surgery.

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Exercise strengthens up your back muscles and increases flexibility to do more without hurting your back. With spine pain, it can be challenging to do exercise, and no one wants to do it either. Daily stretches and light exercise can contribute to building spine health and save you from common backaches and their associated symptoms.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy boosts muscle development to relieve back pain and to keep your spine healthy. The therapy works fine but it’s a slow treatment and you have to take regular sessions. Physical therapy strengthens up the spine and helps you fight with the cause of pain. If you often suffer from back pain, you should consult your physiotherapist for suitable exercises that could help you ease up your back pain.

Healthy Diet

If you maintain a good diet in your life, it could play a vital role in maintaining the health of your spine. Control your weight and avoid processed foods that lead to obesity and excessive weight gain. Unhealthy diets can also increase spine inflammation which ultimately results in back pains and spine problems. Overweight can build pressure on the spine. Overstressing it can result in various health problems, including severe back pain.

Author: Spinal Backrack