5 Mistakes That Can Make Back Pain Worse

Back pain is one of the leading causes for visits to the doctor and those visits don’t come cheap.

There are over 50 spinal disorders, and the most common spinal conditions (Sciatica, Disc Herniation, Disc Degeneration, or Degenerative Disc Disease, acute low back pain, chronic back pain, pain stemming from the sacroiliac joints, spinal stenosis, spinal arthritis, scoliosis, spasms of the back muscles, and other spinal disorders that affect the spinal cord and nerve roots) are caused by some sort of deformity in the back that leads to spinal compression.

Now, what is spinal compression, you may ask?

This process occurs when the spinal vertebrae become compressed. This in turn leads to the spine to shorten, which in itself causes displacement of the spinal structures. As a result, problems occur not only within the spinal canal, but other parts of the body, such as the legs, arms, shoulders, or even head.

What’s worse is that you may be doing things in your regular day to day life that may act as a trigger for back pain or for aggravating it. Below we’ll be looking at the biggest mistakes that tend to lead to back issues such as chronic pain, as well as what you can do to reduce stress from your spine, ease back pain and get back to doing the things you love without having to worry about pain.

Here, we will be looking at 5 common mistakes to avoid and change in your life in order to prevent the worsening of back problems, and allow your back to heal.

  1. Sleeping Position: Sleeping in a position that does not provide sufficient support for your back can lead to pain. For example, sleeping on the back is best for its health, but if you choose to sleep on the side, make sure you place pillows between your knees to balance out the spine alignment. Avoid sleeping on your stomach.
  2. Weight: If you are overweight, this can one of many pain triggers. As your body has to hold additional weight, more pressure is exerted on the spine. It can be worsened if you are already suffering from another condition that is causing back pain.
  3. Treating the Symptoms: Taking pain killers or using other band-aid approaches to relive your back pain may seem to work but oftentimes this happens only for a short while, then the pain makes a comeback. This is because pills don’t always work on the issue causing pain, they work around it, numbing your pain receptors so you don’t feel the pain while the problem is still there.
  4. Poor Posture: You would be amazed how much your posture affects your back’s health. In short, keep your back straight. Laying on your chair might seem like a good idea in the moment, but it comes back to bite you later. Also make sure to incorporate an exercise plan in your weekly schedule if you tend to sit for prolonged periods of time.
  5. Lifting: It is recommended that you don’t lift heavy objects at all as it can lead to back injury. But it is a requirement for people who have laborious jobs and for athletes. Make sure that you are following the correct guidelines and techniques while lifting heavy objects as to avoid back injuries.

Treatment options

A caveat that must be noted here is that if back pain is the only symptom that you are suffering from, the treatment options mentioned below apply to your case. However, if there you are experiencing other symptoms along with your back pain, it is important to seek medical advice and obtain a diagnostic.

Usually, in this case, a physical examination will be carried out first. Your doctor or spine specialist may also ask questions to better understand your symptoms, and to see if there are any other possible causes for your symptoms, apart from the back pain issues mentioned earlier in this article. If any cause of concern is detected, you may be referred to have further tests to rule out the possibility of something more serious, such as a spinal tumour, causing you these symptoms.

Pain management and treatment of lower back pain as well as other back pain related conditions can be discussed by seeking professional medical advice. Although more specific treatments depend on your exact condition, for the majority of the time, the most common forms of treatment are listed below, from the least to the most invasive:

  • Physical therapy – which yields the best results and has the least drawbacks. Together with your physical therapist you can also develop an exercise routine to perform at home in order to improve spinal mobility.
  • Medication that reduces the pain and inflammation, including injections – although it might seem like this does something to help with your back pain, the only thing that takes place is the masking of your symptoms.
  • Spine surgery – the most invasive type of treatment, which surprisingly, also offers temporary relief from pain. Many patients find that although their surgery seemed successful at first, in 1-2 years, they ended up where they were prior to the surgery. More than that, due to the invasive nature of the procedure they have suffered, they now have a new set of symptoms that come as a side effect from the surgery. That’s why going to a spine surgeon is only considered in extreme cases, as a last resort.

That being said, although you have a few options to treat your back pain, they either come with side effects, or don’t work so well. That is why we want to present you with this unique technology, which although it may look simple, it is highly effective. It is called The Spinal Backrack.

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