8 Professions Known for Developing Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is an ailment that is commonly present in a physicians’ office every year. Some factors can greatly contribute to it. For example, spinal compression, muscle imbalances, pinched nerves, muscle spasms, trigger points, stress, slips or falls.

How pain occurs is what concerns most physicians. This can be determined by looking at possible causes and will help us in preventing pain by avoiding its causing factors. But what about certain jobs and professions that put people at higher risks of developing chronic back pain?

How To Treat & Prevent Back Pain?

Since you cannot change your profession right away, you can save your spine with a tailored programme of Backrack exercises to treat and prevent all forms of back pain and their associated symptoms.

Additionally, for low back pain management, it is also recommended to wear a back brace that helps support your spine through strenuous activities.

Backrack Spinal Decompression Device

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Professions that Tend to Get Back Pain

There are certain professions and occupations that can increase the risk of developing back pain. Below you can find the top 10 (main 8 jobs plus 2 notable mentions) occupations that carry a high risk when it comes to developing such problems:

1) Construction Workers & Landscapers

Construction workers and shingle roofers are exposed to a great deal of risk of developing back pain. This profession requires holding and manoeuvring of heavy objects that require the spine to be in unhealthy positions a lot of the time.

Certain motions like twisting and turning, in addition to bending motions, can strain their backs and increase the chance of developing various back problems.

2) Police Officers

Police officers often complain of back pain in the lower lumbar region. This is due to extended periods spent sitting in the car, or on the contrary, walking for very long periods of time without sitting down to take breaks in-between. Certain culprits such as the weight of equipment belts and sudden and un-natural movements also contribute to back pain.

3) Farmers

Farmers and delivery drivers also top the list. Prominent causes are sitting for long periods inside of a farm vehicle and delivery truck and lifting of heavy objects.

4) Drivers and Chauffeurs

There are groups of people who grow up longing for the open road and the vibe they get while driving a big semitruck. Some people think that driving that kind of vehicle unofficially makes them the king of the road. The damage and long-term effects of this lead you all the way to the road of chronic lower back pain.

This is due to vibrations in the truck, constant changes in the road conditions and prolonged sitting, all of which can give rise to or exacerbate degenerative disc disease, damage to the discs in the back and surrounding structures. A number of other possible back injuries also arise from loading and unloading of the truck.

5) Firemen and Emergency Technicians

Firemen and emergency technicians are also among those who tend to be at higher risk of chronic back pain. This can be a result of carrying people and lifting heavy objects. Using water powered hoses and swinging movement of axes also make them suffer from the pain.

6) Nurses

Continuing the list are nurses. Their type of back pain is initiated by lifting objects, or even people. Back injury can occur due to constantly helping people in and out of the bed, inside and outside of a tub, dressing, and undressing of patients.

7) Mechanics

Mechanics are often seen to do a lot of bending and twisting with some arching of the back. These all are culprits in putting the spine in awkward positions. This causes pain and injury.

8) Retail Clerks

Surprisingly, retail clerks are as much at risk of developing back pain as a construction worker. These pains can advance to the neck regions too. The back and neck easily get strained by standing for long periods of time or by reaching high or bending low for some stock items.

Someone suffering from chronic pain or with an underlying condition may have difficulty in this type of profession.

Notable Mentions

Motherhood and Baby Care also put mothers to a risk of back pain. The causes can range from pregnancy and breastfeeding to lifting a child all day long. Hauling a heavy bag containing diapers and baby supplies can also be a cause of developing back pain.

Similar movements that are executed for long periods of time are often required by factory workers to perform tasks. This cause muscle fatigue and weakness. Repetitive motion disorders are caused by performing the same functions over and over again.

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