A Deep Insight on Back Pain and its Effects

If you have been suffering from back pain, you should know that it is highly common in age groups ranging from teenagers to aged people. Four out of five people suffer from the horrible experience of back pain. Our back consists of three different body parts: lower back, the thoracic area which is the middle area and the strap muscles which is a part of the upper back area. Since all of the muscles in our body are interconnected, if one area is suffering through pain, it affects the other parts of the body as well.

Why do you feel back pain?

The causes of back pain can range from medical conditions to poor posture. While some of them are a bit severe, others are your own mistakes that you do in daily life. Making abrupt movements or lifting heavy things can put strain on the spinal cord. This leads to muscle tension and damaging of disks. In most cases, this is the major cause of back pain. Sometimes, there are structural problems in the back.

Bulging Disk

This puts excessive pressure on the nerves.

Ruptured Disk

When a disk ruptures, there is no cushioning for the vertebrae and that results in more pressure on the nerve.


Bulging disk results in sciatica. In this condition, the individual feels a sharp pain that goes all the way from the buttock to the bag of the leg.

Kidney Problems

In some instances, the presence of kidney stones or other kidney problems is the reason for back pain.


In this condition, bones become brittle and this leads to fractures. Due to this, back pain is caused.

Back pain may also be a result of poor posture. People who sit or stand all day long can experience back pain. Other than this, twisting awkwardly, straining your neck for an extended time period, over-stretching and carrying heavy things can result in back pain.

How Back Pain affects other body parts?

Back pain can be in any region of the back from upper to lower back. Along with that, the individual might experience pain in other parts of the body too. Some symptoms of back pain include:

  • Weight loss
  • Fever
  • Problem in urinating
  • Pain in the legs
  • Pain below the knees
  • Swelling of the back
  • Urinary incontinence
  • The feeling of numbness in the anal and genital region
  • Fecal incontinence


There are different treatments for back pain, depending on the severity of the condition. Home treatments include over-the-counter pain killers and NSAIDs. Also, patients can take extra rest or apply a hot or cold compress to the affected area. Cortisone injections can also be given in the epidural space as cortisone reduces inflammation.

We at Spinal Backrack, do not recommend any invasive treatment modality to relieve back pain. We provide you 100% safe, non-invasive, back pain treatment called the Backrack™. Please watch the video below to learn how this Backrack™ technology works:

How Backrack™ Device Treats Multiple Causes Of Back Pain?
How Backrack™ Device Treats Multiple Causes Of Back Pain?

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Precautionary measures include exercising regularly to build body strength and eating a diet rich in Vitamin D and calcium. Both of these are extremely good for the bones. Quit smoking and watch your body weight to stay safe from back pain. The last (but not guaranteed) resort for back pain is surgery so it is better to stay safe than sorry.

Author: Spinal Backrack