About Us


World Innovative Technology In Spinal Care And Pain Relief.

We are a small, highly regarded, London-based spinal clinic (our brand belongs to Spine Back Rack Ltd) with a big vision: to destroy back pain myths for good. Our managing director, Bogdan Luklinski, is a leading specialist in spinal medicine based at his clinic in Harley Street, London, UK.

I am totally committed to the development of the BackRack range of products to support the work we do in our clinic. I believe very passionately in what we’re trying to achieve and that many pain sufferers can find relief finally through using these products. We are working hard to make our products readily available to anyone, anywhere who needs them – essentially, anyone suffering from back pain.

Dan Luklinski

Spinal BackRack is based on PATENTED technology, pending registered design. Although the Spinal Backrack device looks simple, the design is actually based on over 45 years of clinical experience. Our range of self help products can alleviate painful symptoms of common conditions like sciatica.