Acupuncture to Relieve Back Pain vs. Spinal Backrack™

Back pain is hard to bear; it feels like your body is undergoing some kind of horrible torture. Spine is one of the most important parts of the body that is constantly in motion irrespective of our sitting or standing position. Since spine has the most important role to play in the body so any pain or damage can be really alarming. Most of the times the pain is just due to a minor problem such as muscle strain but some times it can be due to major causes such as cancer or fatal infections. So it’s always better to take it seriously before the condition gets worse.

If you have some serious problems like fracture or certain infection then the pain won’t go easily unless the infection gets better. But if the condition is not so serious then you better start getting the right treatment before the condition get intensified.

There are many ways in which people try to ease the back pain with home remedies. That’s not wise to think that some ordinary pain killers or oil massage can treat the cause of backache. Such remedies just relieve the pain on a temporary basis. It stops for just a little while but it never goes and if you want your pain to go away permanently you need the right treatment. People tend to try therapies such as cupping, acupuncture and etc. Let’s talk about the acupuncture first.

Acupuncture Therapy for Back Pain Relief

The most effective and easiest among all the above mentioned ways is acupuncture. It’s a Chinese therapy practiced for about 2500 years. It’s a treatment through a lot of needles. It is believed and proved that when the needle is inserted in one’s body. It mixes with our specific medicinal points and then it creates an energy that is used by our spinal cord to reveal its hidden medicines. It is said and proven that 8 out of 10 people found relief in their back pain from the acupuncture treatment and in less time than any other way of cure. Moreover, this kind of treatment also relieves stress and helps a person to relax when opioids are released. Well this way is not entirely safe and effective as it has its own limitations and problems such as:

  • You never know if the person is an experienced therapist, are the needles properly sterile or not.
  • You never know if you have any allergies with the kind of metal used
  • You never know the quality of the steel. Come on we are talking about needles here, so if anything goes wrong, there might be serious consequences.

Now the question is; if therapies like acupuncture are questionable then what are the other non-invasive treatment options to avail.

Try Backrack™ Spinal Decompression Technology

Backrack™ is a unique, patented back pain device that naturally decompresses your spine at home through simple exercises. It naturally treats the symptoms and causes of back pain with NO side effects. If you were thinking to try acupuncture, we suggest you to use Backrack™ spinal decompression device first and you won’t need anything else. Let us tell you why it is more easy and effective as compared to acupuncture.

  • First and most important of all, no needles involved. This thing itself cuts down so much of safety hazards. Is it not comforting when you are sure that you won’t get any side effects? Backrack™ is an exercising device which gives you pain relief and not just some soothing sleep for a short while.
  • It is specially designed for home use and you don’t need any supervision while using the device. You will need a certified doctor when it comes to acupuncture and no one can be sure about his authenticity. So why not try something that is easy and you can do it at home within your comfort zone.
  • It’s obviously less expensive as compared to the acupuncture. Backrack™ is a onetime investment and a life time relief but no one can be sure about the needle therapy. So it’s much better to get something that is long lasting.

Isn’t it more beneficial to have a device that is easy to use and helps you get better fast and effectively? Gets rid of the back problem from its core so it never comes back and helps you cure your problem staying at home.

Click this link to find more details about Backrack™ technology.