Are You Looking for Back Pain Solutions?

Perhaps you have been searching for back pain solutions for some time now and none have worked totally. Even a temporary respite is better than being constantly in pain. If you can’t sleep, you become irritable and your nearest and dearest suffer along with you. The problem is that you could be considering a laminectomy or a discectomy, on your doctor’s advice. However, there are back pain solutions that do not involve surgery that really do work.

First of all, you should know something about the surgical procedures offered by your doctor. If your lower back causes you problems on a fairly regular basis, you may be considering the surgical options, especially if you have tried a variety of less intrusive options.

There are two main types of surgery which are supposed to be back pain solutions:

  • Laminectomy
  • Discectomy

What is a laminectomy?

A laminectomy is an operation that removes the back part of the vertebrae in your spine (lamina), which cover the spinal canal. It is sometimes called a decompression operation. This is because the spinal canal is made larger so that pressure on the spinal cord and nerves is lowered. The pressure is usually cause by overgrowths of bony tissue in the spinal canal. These are common in arthritis sufferers.

What is a discectomy?

A lumbar discectomy is an operation which patients with a low back (lumbar) herniated disc have so that whatever material which presses the spinal cord, or a nerve root, can be surgically removed.

The lamina from the vertebra is usually removed in order for the surgeon to have a clearer view of the disc.

Do these operations work?

According to our clients, the answer to this question is a resounding ’NO’. Here are some of their comments: –

‘I have had surgery… and back pain has increased to almost the same as before surgery almost 18 years ago…’

‘I have had a laminectomy a month ago (sic) but still have pain, tingling and numbness. I am a chef and stand long hours. I do not want to purchase anything that will contraindicate my back procedure. Can the Backrack helps my conditions?’’

‘I had surgery for spinal stenosis 2 years 6 months ago, which made things worse. I still have chronic pain, and also now loss of balance and some loss of sensation in my feet. Is my back pain too advanced  to purchase a back support?’

The answer to the questions above is that our spinal backrack and support belts will help relieve back pain. We have back and spine support belts, car and chair seat supports as well as our spinal backrack™. The back pain relief products you can find on our website are patented, and were designed by specialists from Harley Street. You can use them with complete confidence. They really are back pain solutions!

If you have any queries regarding these products and how they could benefit you, please contact us for further information. Don’t suffer any longer and remember that you don’t need surgery for your lower back pain.