Association of Back Pain with Smoking

According to new studies, people who smoke are at a greater risk of developing chronic back pain than the people who do not smoke. Back pain is one of the most common medical problems and the second most cause of visiting the doctor all over the world.

Increased Risk of Backache with Smoking

According to a study, smoking enhances the activity of the brain that reduces the ability of the body to combat with chronic back pain. The brain scans that there are two important areas in the brain which play an important role in the association of back pain with smoking. These brain areas are nucleus accumbens and the medial prefrontal cortex. Both of these areas are also involved in motivated learning and behavior development. It is proved from studies that the stronger the connection between these two areas, the lesser is the ability of the individual to combat with a chronic backache. Smoking, in fact, affects this connection. It was noticed from researches that the persons who smoked regularly, had a stronger connection between these two brain areas as compared to the persons who do not smoke. Thus the risk of such individuals for having a chronic back pain is increased. The team came to the point that smokers are at a 3 times greater risk to develop back pain than the persons who do not smoke. If the smokers quit smoking, the risk of developing back pain is dramatically decreased.

Smoker's spine condition.

People with chronic back pain smoke more to get relief which actually worsens the condition

According to some researches, the patients who have chronic back pain smoke tobacco more in the pained condition to relieve pain but this practice, in fact, worsen the condition. The reason behind this is that intervertebral discs in the spine and the back muscles have a poor blood supply. Smoking reduces the supply of oxygen and blood to the back muscles and intervertebral discs which already have a blood supply. Depriving of oxygen causes acute inflammation or superimposed inflammation over already present back pain. Although some patients use tobacco as a method of pain management, it actually makes the condition worse. Studies show that chronic pain suffering patients smoke due to anxiety and depression which actually increases their pain.

Chronic Pain and Smoking- The Statistics

Almost 50 percent of the patients are suffering from chronic pain smoke in routine, as compared with the 22 percent smoking ration in the United States as a whole. Persons who suffer from a chronic backache or chronic neck pain are more expected to smoke for long times to get rid of anxiety and depression.

How smoking interferes with chronic pain management?

Researchers say that smoking interferes with chronic pain management and pain treatment by

  • Exacerbation of painful medical conditions smoking is very harmful to the human body and often leads to diseases which cause chronic pain. Smoking causes chronic neck pain and backache by increasing the process of osteoporosis and degeneration of spinal discs. Persons who smoke, have 2.7 grater chances are to develop chronic back pain than the persons who do not smoke. Smoking also causes joint pain in certain conditions like arthritis.
  • Increasing the perception of pain. Studies show that smoking increases the sensitivity to pain and the patient perceive the pain more acutely. Chemicals present in the tobacco also affect the nervous system thus perception and sensations to pain are increased.
  • Interference with the painkiller drugs. Smokers require a more quantity of medicines for pain relief. Commonly used medications in this regard are aspirin and narcotics. Large doses of both drugs are required to reduce pain in the persons who smoke.

Should I quit smoking to reduce my back pain?

According to a report, abandoning the smoking probably does not reduce significantly their back pain, but it helps in this regard. Also, quitting this habit also lowers the risk of heart diseases significantly as well as some other diseases like cancer, etc.

Smoking deprives the tissue from nutrition

Do you know smoking also destroys the tissues in your lower back and also in the other parts of the body because it slows down circulation and deprives the tissues of nutrients? Thus if you want to provide your back muscles and the muscles in the whole body with enough nutrients with good circulation, it is mandatory for you to give off smoking as soon as possible.

How smoking causes damage?

Tobacco contains nicotine which makes the body feel good initially. It causes the release of chemicals like dopamine, which gives the pleasant sensations. This factor causes the smoking an addictive factor. But the same tobacco also interferes with the delivery of oxygenated blood to bones and tissues. This thing slows the process of healing and causes fatigue thus painful features become more prominent.

Mechanism of Nicotine action

Nicotine is an agonist at acetylcholine receptors which are found in the central and peripheral nervous system. Since nicotine is present in the tobacco, nicotine binds more with the nicotine acetyl receptors thus releasing the certain chemicals which have to potential of habituation due to their reward sensation. A person becomes habitual of nicotine which leaves the adverse effects on the body.

Stop smoking to reduce back pain.

How to quit smoking?

If you are a smoker and facing back pain, your first and foremost priority must be to give off tobacco. Although it is difficult to quit smoking because it has a habitual potential, here are some tips you can use to give off smoking.

  • Select a quit Choose a day when you will give off smoking. This thing gives you time for self-preparation. Do not select a day that is too far or too soon. The margin of 14-16 days in best.
  • Ask your friends and family for help. It is better that you tell your close friends and family that you have chosen a quit day so that they can morally support you. Tell that sometimes, you might be moody in this regard.
  • Prepare your mind for quit day. Remove all the tobacco products from your house, office, and Give off all of the ashtrays, lighters, and matches. Know your activities which urge you to smoke and abandon all those activities.
  • Use nicotine replacements. Nowadays, nicotine replacements are available in many forms like inhalers, gums, and They help in reducing your craving. Take advice to your doctor that which product can give you better results.
  • Join a support group. You may find many other people who are trying to give off smoking. Join their company. It will provide you motivation. You can also get useful advice from this group.

Once you quit smoking, you can reduce your back pain. Visit our home page to find more about back pain treatment.