Back Pain Limited to One Side – The Ultimate way to eliminate it!

Treating and managing back pain becomes tough due to the radiating pain when the problem is not usually that bad. Experiencing back pain can feel like a serious problem. It’s the pain that most people associate with the cause and assume it to be something serious. As the pain can be such a bear. Medical providers seem to have a thorough approach towards it when beginning to treat and diagnose it. You would be asked for a medical history, a physical exam along with some imaging tests.

Things can worsen when people notice their pain is limited to a specific area or side. If the pain is keeping you up all night or persists for more than a week. You might need to consult your doctor about that. The same is required if you have gone through an injury or if this a recurrence rather than a first encounter. These are just a few of the numerous signs that your back needs medical treatment.

You may experience the pain on a sudden note or it may be a sharp stitch on the right of the back. Or it may threaten you on the right side. Gradually worsening each day. Regardless of the location of the pain one thing is sure. Back pain is not pleasant.

You might end up thinking about the exact cause of the pain if the pain is limited to a specific side only. This pain could be anything from a self-healing condition which is usually minor to a serious condition. While one-sided pain can be a fairly common issue you still need to learn the symptoms and what it is like to have back pain only on one side. One-sided back pain is a fairly common issue.

Beat One-sided Back Pain with Backrack

Whatever may be the cause of the one-sided pain, Backrack device provides optimal back care. Backrack treats following onesided back pain conditions:

  • Herniated discs
  • Facet Joint and Spinal Arthritis
  • Bond Issues
  • Tissue Injuries
  • Kidney Stones

The Backrack device uses decompressing technology to aid the spine by targeting the causes of the pain. This device can be used to eliminate all sorts of back pain at the convenience of your house so you can experience lasting results.

Herniated Disc

There exists a shock-absorbing cushion located between spinal bones. A herniated disc is observed when the outer covering of this shock observing cushion that is tough in nature ruptures or frays. There’s also liquidlike substance soft in nature. In most cases, this also escapes out of the disc during the fraying. This In and out it not bad actually. What bad is the contact of the escaped substance with a nearby nerve or root? This becomes the cause of the pain. This spinal root is quite sensitive as a result anything that comes in contact with it irritates it. This leads to radiculopathy symptoms. The symptoms of radiculopathy include

  • Pain
  • Weakness
  • Numbness
  • Electrical sensations

Facet Joint Pain and Spinal Arthritis

Back of the spine is built up from facet joints that are interconnected. They limit the excessive movement of the spine. Each spinal level has left and right facet joints. These are exactly the regions where the bone spurs are observed to occur in addition to some arthritic changes.

These changes are a result of wear and tear. But they are observed to occur on one facet joint at any given level. So, if they are developed on the left side. You will observe a left sided pain.

Further symptoms include:

  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Electrical sensations
  • Weakness

Facet joints are also known as zygapophysial joints.

Bond Issues

One-sided pain also occurs due to:

  • Arthritis
  • Bone spurs
  • Spinal Stenosis

This pain radiates down the leg and causes weakness. Anyone suffering from right hip pain due to arthritis. May be seen walking in a manner that prevents them from falling and also minimize any hip irritation. But then this could turn into a leftsided back pain as a result.

This compensation is not done by the body in a conscious state. It’s body’s natural mechanism protecting itself from the worsening pain which could cause overuse and over-fatigue of the muscles and surrounding joints.

Your treatment options will solely depend on how badly you are getting interrupted in a day to day activities by this issue. This contains activities like walking, sitting and other pleasure activities. While optimal treatment options will be based on the severity of the symptoms.

These treatments may include:

  • Medications
  • Hot/ Cold Packs
  • Physical Therapy
  • Surgery

So, instead of getting frustrated be mindful of the fact that the right treatment that seems to work and banish pain usually takes time.

Tissue Injuries

Spinal structures like muscles, discs, joints upon injury become the cause of back pain in just one side. These are often a result of minor injuries or an impact due to sports or an accident.

Tissues injuries result in pain that is centered on the spine. This can lead to a pain entirely on either the right or left side of the back. And talking about the tissues injuries muscle strains are to be blamed in this case for a pain.

And of tissue injuries overall, muscle strains are the most common cause of lower back pain on one side. Poor posture is another cause of one-sided pain. Mostly when you sit 90 degrees angle is to maintain for the knees, ankles, hips, and elbows.