Back Pain Statistics

Almost 80% of Americans will have back problems at some point in their life. The most common form is in the lower back, which at times can result in disabling episodes.

The number of Americans experiencing lower back pain (LBP) is on the rise, especially amongst over-65s

Based on data collected in a 2013 study conducted by the CDC, 29% of Americans experienced lower back problems in the last three months, compared to 28.1% in 1997.

For the over-65s age group this figure is higher. In 1997, 29.5% of this age group experienced pain, and increased to 33.7% in 2013.

Back problems are more common in adult women than men

The CDC’s research, based on household interviews amongst the civilian population, found that nearly a third of the female adult population suffered from LBP, compared to a quarter of the male adult population.

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