Back Pain That Comes And Goes – How To Deal With It?

A back or neck pain starting in the morning, resolving in the afternoon and coming back in the evening can be a result of different factors.

However, pain that comes and goes over a longer period of time (e.g. it is present for a few weeks at a time, then disappears for a few weeks or even months and then returns again) may be due to deeper issues that can be attributed to damage within one or more spinal structures.

One of the main reasons for this type of pain can be attributed to poor posture and sitting or laying in uncomfortable positions. As such, all three major regions of the spine (lumbar spine, thoracic spine, cervical spine) can be affected, resulting in lower back pain, middle back pain, or neck pian.

Common causes associated with back pain that comes and goes

The body is built up of a unique structure. Various movements have an impact on the body with respect to the circumstances. A specific structure can get relieved from a certain movement, while another movement can be seen to cause pain for another specific structure.

This can be illustrated by the intervertebral discs. Leaning forward can place strain on them and lead to temporary pain, especially If this position is sustained for a long time. In this case, reducing the strain that is placed on the back is simple, as it only requires one to change positions.

In more severe cases, one can develop a herniated disk, which can pinch a nerve and lead to nerve pain.

On the other hand, facet joints (spinal joints that allow the vertebrae to move) in similar regions can be affected by compression and result in pain when we lean backward.


Headaches, fatigue, even back pain are ailment products of stress.

In some cases, when you get struck with pain (such as low back pain, which tends to be quite common), relaxing can prevent things from worsening. Take some deep breaths and try to reduce your stress. For the following condition, the message is designed by reducing pain and relieving stress at the same time.


How the body responds to injury is a natural mechanism and it tends to wax and wane over the course of the body. Inflammation is heavily determined by the activity of an individual. If it changes in intensity so do the damaged structures.

That’s the reason why bed rest is prescribed for individuals with back pain. This is a way to heal your body by allowing it to get enough rest.

Inflammation can also significantly flare up if one performs intensive physical activities throughout the day, such as running, or lifting heavy objects (either at the gym or in a working environment). This leads the surrounding muscles to get activated and attempt to shield the areas that are injured and heal the inflamed areas.

Muscle Spasms

Any sudden or sharp pain or discomfort in the back may be a result of muscle spasms. They have the potential of lasting from a few seconds to anywhere between several minutes. These spasms are a result of a minor injury to the back muscles.

This can be due to a muscle strain due to heavy lifting or a sudden inappropriate movement. This twists your back in a hazardous way and put you at the brink of an injury. There’s an alternative way to do this by making use of the leg muscles when aiming for heavy objects.

Other causes of back pain that comes and goes include:

How can this type of back pain be addressed?

Before any treatments are employed, it is recommended to seek the advice of a healthcare professional, who can conduct an assessment of your spine’s health. It is especially important to consult a medical professional if you suffer from chronic pain, and also to rule out possible serious conditions such as a compression fracture (which might require treatment from a spine surgeon), or problems with internal organs, such as kidney stones.

However, if it’s certain that the pain is caused by spinal issues, one or more of the following approaches may be taken:

  • Physical therapy
  • Lifestyle changes, such as weight loss or weight management, as excess weight can place additional strain on the spine and cause pain
  • Using a spinal decompression device, such as the Backrack:

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