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Mechanical Back Pain Causes, Risk Factors, and Management

Mechanical lower back pain is an emerging problem nowadays. Mechanical means that the vertebral column receives forces that destroy the soft tissues resulting in pain and uncomfortable sensations. The mobile parts of the vertebral column include muscles, tendons, ligaments, vertebral bodies, facet joints, and intervertebral discs. The motion of these mobile parts triggers mechanical pain. The lumbar region of .

Abnormal Conditions of Vertebral Column – Traditional vs. Advanced Treatment

1) Kyphosis Kyphosis is an abnormal condition of the vertebral column in which the outward curvature of the vertebral column is abnormally exaggerated giving the hunching appearance of the back. There may be many causes of kyphosis of spinal column some of which are described as following: One of the commonly occurring causes of kyphosis is the fracture of .

Spinal Osteoarthritis Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The word ‘arthritis’ means the inflammation of joints. Spinal osteoarthritis refers to the inflammation of the facet joints of the vertebral column. Osteoarthritis of the vertebral column is a common cause of lumbar back pain nowadays specifically in the people of advancing age. There are 5 pairs of facet joints in the lower part of your vertebral column present .

Ten Causes of Back Pain – One Easy Solution

Back pain has become an emerging problem nowadays. Almost every person has to face backache at least once in life. According to recent researches, about one-third of the world population (almost 100 million Americans) suffer from chronic lower back pain. Sometimes, the pain is reduced by medical or surgical intervention but sometimes, simple remedies can help reduce the backache .

Central Canal Stenosis – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Central spinal canal stenosis is a disordered condition the reason behind which is the narrowing of the central canal of the vertebral column. This disorder takes place because of the degeneration of intervertebral discs and joints of the vertebral column. In this disorder, osteophytes or bone spurs grow in the central vertebral canal. The facet joints of the spine .

Musculoskeletal Lower Back Pain – Causes, Risk Factors, Treatment, and Prevention

Musculoskeletal back pain states that occurs commonly nowadays and it has a greater impact on the soft tissues of the lumbar region of the back. According to a study, almost 40% of the people suffer from this condition at some point in their lives. It can occur suddenly or may develop over a period of time ranging from weeks .

How Sitting Causes Back Pain?

Many people who are suffering from back pain, struggle to come to know that what is causing their problem indeed but they do not bother to think about the hours of their continuous sitting which might prolong than eight hours and this prolonged sitting may be the underlying cause. Underlying Causes The most common underlying cause of lower back .