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Relationship between Migraine and Chronic Back Pain – Triggering Factors and Sequela of Migraine

Migraine is a type of headache which may be unilateral or bilateral, throbbing type and it may be mild, moderate or severe. Typically it is associated with typical symptoms called aura. These symptoms may include photophobia, nausea, vomiting, flashes of light in front of eyes or feelings of numbness, etc. in the body. Migraine is aggravated by light, sounds, .

When Your Back is Out of Alignment

Although deformities of the back are not very common these days yet every person is prone to suffer from any deformity of back or vertebral column due to poor posture, certain diseases or many other causes. Anything related to your vertebral column or neck is serious and it has a great effect on your overall health. Your vertebral column .

Scheuermann Disease, Epidemiology, Classification, Symptoms and Treatment

Scheuermann’s Disease is also known as juvenile kyphosis. It is a disorder of thoracic or thoracolumbar region of the vertebral column in which the child feels severe backache along with kyphosis of the spinal column. Also, some regional changes happen in the bodies of vertebral bones. Epidemiology This disease happens in almost 5% of the general population. The range .

Annular Tearing – How Does It Happen? What Are Treatment Options?

An intervertebral disc is a type of ligament that connects one vertebra to the next adjacent vertebral bone. These intervertebral discs act as shock-absorbing cushions between the vertebrae of the spinal column. Each intervertebral disc has two parts. The outer ring-like structure is called as annulus fibrosis and the inner soft jelly-like part is known as nucleus pulposus. The .