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Why Won’t My Back Pain Go Away?

Back pain can make any day hard and it could keep you from doing your daily work. It is not only athletes who suffer from back pain but other people can also be victims of pain in the lower back and legs. Sometimes, the pain is only for a while and it subsides after that. However, there are times .

How to Relieve Stress-Related Neck and Back Pain?

There was a time when the association between stress and physical pain was not very clear. However, now it is seen through research that stress can increase or begin the instances of neck pain and back pain. Psychosocial reasons contribute to increment in pain level. Research has shown that stress might even be a potential reason for neck pain. .

How to Live Without Back Pain?

Back pain is an evil that is affecting many people around the world. There was a time when this was only pain for older individuals or athletes. Nowadays, even the youth is suffering from these pains. The first solution to every problem is no surgery or medication, especially not for back pain. There is a lot that you can .

4 Ways to Avoid Invasive Back Pain Treatments

Not all back problems require invasive treatments such as painkillers, steroid injections, spinal fusion, and etc. Today, surgery is a widely accepted part of medical science which is a quite brutal approach to treat back pain. Do you know that almost every type of common back pain can be treated without even using any medicine? Based on our 40+ .