BACKRACK: The World’s Unique Effectiveness Superiority Through FACET JOINTS

The  human  body  is supported  on facet joints (also known as zygapophyseal joints. The Backrack System works exactly on facet joint.

Articular surfaces are small, spanning just 1.6 cm. They stabilise the lumbar spine in compression to DE-COMPRESS and prevent excessive bending and gliding movements between adjacent vertebrae.

Joint surfaces are permanently pre-stressed in the body (ligamentum flavum), thus the protection of intervertebral discs is reduced.

In the upper lumbar spine the joints are vertical, but more oblique at L4-5 and L5-S1.That’s why lower lumbar joints resist about 20% of the compressive force acting   perpendicular to the mid – plane of the discs, while the upper levels resists only half as much. Lower margins of the articular surfaces suffice to lower compression.

Facet Joint Problem

Pathological disc narrowing can lead to small hollows of eburnated bone in the laminae and osteopathic spurs around the margins of the inferior process. In exceptional cases the facet joints can transmit up to 70% of the spine compression force from one vertebra to another .Therefore even in healthy spines extremely lordotic postures and backwards bending  motions can cause substantial compressive forces through a zygopophysil joint.

Flexion movements occur in the superior antero-medial regions of joint surfaces. Lumbar facet joints are best at resisting forces acting perpendicular in plane of the disc, thus severely limiting the range of axial rotation in the lumbar spine.

Backrack Works On The Lumbar Facet Joints

The greatest contact stress occurs in the superior-posterior margins of the joint surfaces, as they are capable of resisting shering forces of 1kN each. Small axial rotation happens when the facet joints are asymmetrical  in the horizontal plane. Muscle forces acting as pulling down spinuos process cause to increase the intervertebral shear force resisted by facet joints/door knocker mechanism. That helps to lock the facet joints and increase stabilization in flexed postures.

The human body weight causes motion along the spine, thus loosening it and all relevant structural mechanisms e.g. pain , stiffness, etc.

Author: Spinal Backrack

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