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Back pain

5 Common Misconceptions About Back Pain

One of the most common misconceptions about back pain is that exercises are not recommended during a painful episode. While this couldn’t be further from the truth, the solution is quite simple.

Back pain

Non Invasive Back Pain Treatment

The best non-invasive back pain treatment option is that of physical therapy. Physical therapy (physiotherapy) and rest go a long way for treating your back pain, but nothing does it better than the Backrack Device.

How Can I Get Rid Of Back Pain?

If you’re asking this, we can understand how much pain and mental stress you’re facing right now. But please don’t worry as we are here to help you discover the right treatment for your back pain. There are following 2 major types of back pain treatment commonly used worldwide.

Back Surgery

4 Ways to Avoid Invasive Back Pain Treatments

There are ways to avoid invasive back pain treatments, regardless of the location of your pain, as well as the issue that is affecting you. One such way is to decompress your spine with the help of the Backrack.

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