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Why is spine surgery not a viable treatment option for elderly patients?

The outcome of surgery in elderly patients remains poor in most cases. The common factors, for this reason, our frailty, late diagnosis, delayed consultant-led treatment, pre-existing comorbidity, and polypharmacy. For surgery of the back in older people, there is no guarantee that the patient will be relieved of pain. There are many other viable options than surgery that are .

13 Ways to Treat Back Pain and Avoid Surgery

Back pain…you’ve had it for a while and after reading tons of material online, you are having nightmares that you might end up in surgery. But wait! That isn’t entirely true. Surgery is only necessary in very severe cases and usually, back pain resolves with simple yet effective treatments that you can easily do on your own. Surgery can .

A Guide to Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery and How to Avoid It?

When surgeons incorporate smaller incisions and less disturbance than usual to muscles supporting the spine. This is known as the minimally invasive mean of spine surgery. This procedure makes use of the muscle alone directly over the surgical area. No cutting or dissecting is involved. A gentle approach is applied by gently spreading apart the muscle using some specialized .

The Relationship between Labor Epidural and Back Pain!

Epidural is relief provider during childbirth at the same time keeping you fully conscious during delivery. Even though there’s less overall pain but it doesn’t completely get rid of it during childbirth. A catheter is used to induce the medication. It is a thin flexible tube exactly hollow. It is inserted in the epidural space. A membrane surrounding the .

1000 Words to Help Decide if Back Surgery is Right for You

Does your back always hurt? Pain that won’t go away is most commonly identified as chronic back pain. It’s is common practice for people living with severe pain to think and eventually go for a surgery. While it is a decision that purely your doctor and you can make. But a few things prior to surgery will help you .

Options Other than Surgery that Go a Long Way in Treating Back Pain!

Certain symptoms may be a clear sign that you might require surgery. If found related to your spine condition these indicators may end up in surgery. New or progressing bowel/bladder issues Weakness in limbs Gait and balance problems Evidence of increased reflexes Can surgery be a good option for you? You need to consult multiple surgeons for the successful .

Some Eye Openers for Patients Regarding Disc Problems!

It is a difficult process identifying an accurate clinical diagnosis of the underlying cause of back pain. It can be crucial in making decisions regarding treatment options. No matter what disc problem a person may be facing. Be it a slipped disc, bulging disc, or a degenerated disc. It is important for the patient to distinguish whether the pain .

Over-Diagnosis of Back Pain Brings Harm Than Any Good!

Chiropractic care, ice, heat, and gentle exercise are evidently one of the best ways of treatment for back pain claim the latest news from Harvard Medical School. These conservative ways can beat the minute day treatment and diagnosis options that actually break the bank. They can end a culture of unnecessary tests, narcotics and surgery referrals adopted by most .

Questions To Ask Your Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon

Today, surgery is accepted worldwide to treat chronic back pain without realising the risks involved in the whole procedure. Even orthopaedic spine surgeons admit that a high chance of failure exists so much so that Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is a recognised, and serious, condition amongst their patients. Surgery is incredibly invasive and once you undergone this procedure, there’s .