Lumbar Belt to Treat Back Pain, and Not Just Ease It

Are you suffering from lower back pain?

Have you been taking medicines for a long time only to get another refill to sooth your back pain?

Are you tired of going to the doctor for another visit for the same old problem?

The reason may be that you are treating the symptoms and not focusing on the problems causing back pain.

Back pain is quite common throughout the world, it is the leading cause of back deformities and a main reason for missing workdays. Lower back is also the most common area for back pain.

Why does Low Back Pain Occur?

Any type of back pain, be it in the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine, can occur due to various spinal conditions and deformities. One common issue, that is often not talked about, is spinal compression.

In essence, when compression of the spine occurs, your spine gets squashed down. This can in turn push down on spinal structures such as discs or nerve roots, triggering pain signals. Thus, in this case, spinal compression can be attributed as the source of the pain, and as such it is the one to be addressed in order to obtain long-term pain relief.

The lower back in particular is unique as it plays an important role in supporting our spine and torso, and as such has to carry a heavier load than the other two major regions of the spine – thoracic and cervical. Thus, because the lower back supports our upper body, it is more prone to back injuries, and as such requires extra care.

Additionally, the largest nerve in the human body, the sciatic nerve, is partially situated in this region of the spine. This nerve itself has a rather high incidence of being compressed and leads to problems for many people.

To ensure that your lower back is healthy and reduce the effects of compression on intervertebral discs and nerve roots (especially the sciatic nerve root) it is best to use a back brace that addresses the cause(s) of your symptoms, rather than tackling the surface symptoms alone.

For that, the Backrack Belt has been created.

Backrack Spine Support - A Lumbar Decompression Belt

Based on patented technology, the Backrack belt is one of its kind. It came from the top spine specialists of Harley Street. It relies on an orthopaedic technology that massages your spine as you carry on with your day. It is a natural approach to addressing problems in the lower back while supporting your spine, so you can go about your life without having to worry about pain and stiffness.

While other back support belts provide you with just support for your back the Backrack belt comes with wooden nodules embedded within the belt to decompress your spine and treat the cause of pain. The function of these nodules is to take advantage of your movement throughout the day and put gentle pressure on your lumbar spine vertebrae. This action decompresses your spine so the underlying cause of pain gets eliminated.

The nodules are covered with a breathable mesh so that you can wear it for extended periods of time without any discomfort. The Backrack belt comes equipped ample lumbar supports for your back, with central and core support provided by copper metal alignment rods.

Unlike other rigid braces on the market, the Backrack lumbar support belt offers room for ample adjustment, to make sure it fits your spine seamlessly. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to fit your spine perfectly and massage it while offering extra support.

Other Treatment Modalities

With such a common problem like back pain there are going to be a lot of solutions available that try to solve backache. Some of them work for some people while they don’t work for others. These methods also lie at different levels on the invasiveness scale.

Surgery and injections are the most invasive methods to deal with back pain. These options should only be considered for severe cases and when all other options are exhausted with recommendation from your doctor.

There are also many different types of medicines that are said to help the back. While some medicines are specialized to target the reason for back pain, more often than not, the prescriptions you get are pain killers. Pain killers work by masking your pain so that the pain receptors do not register the pain to the brain. While helpful in short term, they are not a long-term solution.

Physical therapy is the most common and recommended method. The Backrack belt helps you in this step and excels and healing your back. Unlike all other methods using the Backrack comes with zero side effects.

The Backrack is registered as a class one medical device. With the Backrack belt you will be saving your wallet a lot of pressure and getting the most out of what you spend. It provides optimal support and stability to your lumbar region, and it is one of the best back braces if you want to treat the cause of your pain, even if you suffer from chronic back pain forms. You can’t go wrong with the Backrack belt.

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