Chronic Lower Back Pain Management Tips & Treatment

Back pain is an emerging problem nowadays. It may be caused by poor bending or lifting techniques, disc degeneration or any other cause. Whatever the underlying reason, it is difficult for you to move when you are suffering from back pain. Chronic back pain is the pain which lasts for longer than 2 months and does not respond to ordinary painkillers. Almost everyone is prone to suffer from back pain at least once in life. If you are suffering from chronic back pain, you need to consider the following tips to manage your pain:

Chill It

Cold fomentation is best in the first two days after an injury because it tends to decrease the inflammation resulting in the depression of pain. You can use ice for this purpose. Apply it for 20 minutes on your skin and then remove it to give some rest to your dermis.

Keep Moving

Our vertebral column is just like the rest of our body. It works better if it remains mobile. When you are suffering from back pain, do not abandon your routine activities. It will worsen your condition. Once your condition gets a bit improved, you can perform aerobic exercises like walking, swimming and bicycling. Keep in mind that you must remain active but do not put an extra burden on your already suffering back.


When you are facing backache, take much care about your posture. Avoid slumping in your office chair. Take short breaks of walking after every half an hour if you are an office worker and sit continuously in your office chair for a prolonged period of time. Do not avoid to stretch your legs in your work routine. Some persons get completely pain relieved merely by stretching activities like yoga so do not miss this point.

Maintain Your Ergonomics

Design your office chair and computer table in such a manner that you do not have to lean forward while working on the computer. Use a chair of such design which can provide sufficient support to your lower back while sitting and you are able to sit in such a manner that the soles of your feet are adjusted comfortably on the floor.

Wear Low Heels

If you wear high heeled shoes, exchange them with flats or low heeled shoes (having heel of less than one inch). High heels hinder in maintaining a good posture and makes you unstable enhancing pressure on the lower part of your vertebral column.

Be careful about your posture

You should take much care about your posture in your daily routine. Do not lean forward your shoulders while sitting. Avoid slumping as it makes your back muscles difficult to support your body weight. Maintain erect posture while lifting heavy weight. Do not bend over from the back instead bend from knees.

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Abandon Smoking

Smoking enhances the risk of osteoporosis for your vertebral column and other bones because nicotine compromises the blood supply to intervertebral discs. Thus the risk of compression fractures to vertebral column enhances significantly. It is proven from researches that the persons who smoke are at a greater risk of developing chronic lower back pain as compared to the persons who do not smoke. So quit this habit instantly.

Maintain Your Weight

Take proper diet and perform regular exercise to maintain your weight within the normal limit of BMI. This is so because extra weight exerts extra pressure to back muscles which are thus strained. Also, the vertebral column has to support extra weight resulting in the increased risk of degenerative disc disease.

Manage Anxiety About Your Lower Back Pain

It is very important to manage your tension and anxiety about lower back pain and the fear of re-injury. It is mandatory to regain the normal function of the vertebral column and muscles. The key to this psychological reaction to backache lies in your central nervous system. When there is an injury in the body, our CNS sends the message to the affected area to avoid further injury. Muscle spasm takes place in response to this. Thus, if you want to relieve your pain , it is mandatory to reduce your anxiety about your pain.

Take Care Of Your Diet

The healing process is aggravated if appropriate nutrition is taken. You must make sure of adequate intake of calories with a balanced diet containing all macro and micronutrients. If all the calories taken by you are in the form of sugars, extra calories are converted to fats and you start gaining weight. Extra weight slows down your healing mechanisms. You must take all the sources of carbs, proteins, and fats in correct portions to move towards a healthy lifestyle.

Take Adequate Sleep

If you take proper sleep daily, it will encourage your healing process. One of the best methods to promote sleep is to induce physical tiredness via regular exercises. Chronic laziness does not produce the need for sleep and thus your healing process slows down. You should not take stimulants like caffeine and nicotine at bedtime so that you do not feel difficulty in sleeping.

Perform Exercises For Your Back Fitness

If you perform regular exercise in a controlled manner with the advice of your doctor or physiotherapist, it will signal your body to stimulate the healing mechanism. Painkiller drugs either in oral form or injection form cause a reduction in your pain but do not promote the healing process. The only way to stimulate the healing mechanism is exercise. If you are suffering from back pain for a longer period of time and do not recover anyway, it indicates that there is a barrier in your healing process. You can induce this process by doing exercise and keeping you physically active.

Use Heat And Cold Fomentation

It is a good method to relieve pain. You can use only heat or only cold fomentation or can alternate both. Heat enhances the blood supply towards the intervertebral discs feeling your pain relieved. Cold fomentation reduces the swelling. Use heat or cold for twenty minutes 8 to 10 times a day.

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