Clinical Effectiveness of the Backrack Spinal Care Device

Back pain affects most of the world’s population at one point or another. It causes discomfort, deformities, stiffness and many other problems. Many therapies exist that help manage back pain but sometimes they either fall short, or even make the pain worse.

This is where Backrack comes in – an orthopaedic spinal care device that helps you treat and prevent back pain like never before, and can be highly effective even for cases of chronic back pain.

Over 45 years of clinical experience and effort have been put into the design and function of this device by Bogdan Luklinski, a spine specialist from Harley Street, the hub of medicine and specialists, give patients the maximum pain relief possible.

The Backrack device may look like a simple wooden structure, but the beauty and effectiveness of its revolutionary non surgical spinal decompression technology that helps treat the root cause of back pain lies exactly in that – simplicity and ease of use.

The unique shape of the Backrack device allows it to align the spinal column back to its natural curvature, while the overall technology helps treat the cause of back pain even at home.

Backrack is an easy-to-use tool that can be used by medical professionals and manual therapy practitioners to help their patients, but it also allows for independent self-treatment by the patients themselves. This is also a solution for patients who are looking for non-evasive methods of treating back pain. It can be conveniently used at home without any professional help.

The Backrack does not require much space to be stored or used, and neither is it too complex to use. It’s a CE marked, safe device with no side effects.

Design and Structure

The design of the rack is specifically engineered to mirror the natural curvature of the spine to the finest degree. The patented “S” shape of the rack allows it to achieve what it is designed to do. It works on the whole spine as each pair of wooden nodules is well placed to cover individual spinal segments (made out of vertebrae, joints and spinal discs) of the spinal column. The Backrack is made of ethically-sourced, high quality wood and the frame is designed to be durable and sturdy.

Natural Curvature of Spine

Treatment & Efficacy

The Backrack treats back pain by reversing the damage that has been done to the spine. With time, the spine tends to be squashed due to accumulated physical pressure, which is best summarised though a term called spinal compression.

The Backrack reverses the painful impacts of spinal compression in a process called spinal decompression therapy. This is done by the careful placements of wooden nodules to support every single vertebra of the spine.

As the patient starts performing Backrack exercises, the nodules start putting pressure gently on each vertebra, so the spine returns to its natural shape after a period of regular use.

Just like the human spine, the Backrack also has three main regions – lumbar, thoracic and cervical regions – and each region is a mirror of its real counterpart. Based on previous clinical test results and efficacy, many chiropractors, physiotherapists, and sports coaches worldwide are now using Backrack to treat and prevent spinal deformities like:

Ease of Use

The Backrack is a very easy-to-use product and patients don’t even need any supervision while using it. Due to its flexibility in use, Backrack can solely be used to treat a spinal condition, or it can be used in a combination of other back pain treatments such as manual therapy, cold therapy, exercise, and various lifestyle adjustments.

The rack is so fine-tuned that a person laying on it will automatically fit in the right position without the need for too much adjustment, and the process of laying on the device itself can already be beneficial.


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