Common and Uncommon Causes of Back Pain

Ever wonder why your back constantly hurts? Back pains affect old as well as young people and are very common these days. It can result from injury, medical conditions and even lifestyle. The older you get, the chances of developing lower back pains increase. However, multiple reasons can cause back pain that can be either common or uncommon.

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Spine inflammation, aorta disorders or chest pain may cause upper back pains. Consult a doctor in case of regular and severe back pain.

For lower back pain, things affected might be:

  • Bony lumbar spine
  • Ligaments around the spine and discs
  • Lower back muscles
  • Spinal cord and nerves
  • Pelvic and abdominal internal organs
  • The skin around lumber area
  • Discs between the vertebrae

What else can hurt your back?


Often our routine and lack of self-care can lead to back pain. We do not pay attention to body posture and often sleep in unhealthy, dangerous positions which can lead to spinal problems. Lack of exercise and slouching is a common problem amongst people that causes their shoulders to slump inwards and their spinal cord to bend. To prevent backaches, it is crucial to keep body posture in check and not bend over desks. Tall people often struggle with this problem which results in a permanent slouched body.

Being overweight and lifting heavy weights can also be a link to your constant back pain. We recommend keeping a healthy lifestyle, avoid smoking and exercise regularly to prevent such occurrences. If you wear high heels and experience back pains, avoid wearing such shoes as they also might be the cause of your condition.

Accidents or Injuries

If you recently received an injury or met an accident that affected you physically, you might have received a muscle injury, sprain, strain or even fracture.

A fracture might have occurred if you fell on your back or received a direct blow. If the person has osteoporosis, his weak bones are likely to crack.

Injuries received from accidents can cause back pain. Pain in muscles, ligaments, and tendons could cause back pain if you twisted your back while lifting heavyweights. Most often, such injuries can generate through sports activities or car accidents. Muscles and tendons can often be torn in the lower back, causing you immense back pain.

A Pinched Nerve

If you experience an uncomfortable sensation, numbness, or pain outside the spinal cord, a pinched nerve might be the reason. This condition is more related to back pains and neck injuries and occurs when a peripheral nerve experiences damage by increased pressure from the surrounding muscles.

The cause of a pinched nerve may be due to body position. It could be because of a simple habit such as crossed legs or leaned elbows. Other reasons may also be weight gain, water retention, and pregnancy. Repetitive activities like gardening, use of different tools, or even typing can lead to swelling around an area which is a symptom of a pinched nerve.