Coping with Back Pain

Back pain comes in various forms, ranging from mild to chronic. Sometimes it disappears quickly if you have simply been sleeping in an awkward position. If that happens, bending and stretching exercises can help and hopefully it will soon go away.

If you experience more severe and prolonged back pain, you may decide to take painkillers. If you do, be careful that you do not exceed the recommended dose. However, painkillers are not the remedy for back pain.

What to do to relieve back pain?

Try the creams that are on the market for muscular pain as these often bring at least temporary relief. However, your back problem may be because of the job you do or even because of your hobby. If you sit at a desk working on a laptop, for example, you may need a back-chair support to help you, and if you do, you should also have a car seat support whether you are a passenger or driver. These are ideal for supporting your lower back, which is the area mostly affected by back pain.

Do you have back pain because of your job?

If you have to stand while working, perhaps you are a teacher for example, your back problem might be directly related to your job. Many teachers and ex-teachers report problems with their backs. A back belt support can be invaluable and will support your spine as you move or stand.

If you have to lift heavy objects during the course of your working day, your employer should have given you adequate training in how to do so safely. Manual handling can involve lifting, pushing and pulling, as well as carrying and there is always a risk that someone who routinely does these tasks will develop a musculoskeletal disorder (MSD). MSDs can be prevented to a certain degree if you follow the advice from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). However, if you experience back pain, you should report it to your doctor. The earlier the symptoms are treated, the better.

Living with back pain

Back problems are very common, and many seem to come out of the blue. One day your back is fine, and the next you experience debilitating back pain. If you do, don’t simply retire to bed and stay there. Doctors no longer advise patients with back problems to have bed rest. Now patients are told to take gentle exercise and do what they would normally do when not experiencing pain. Take it easy though; don’t move at the same speed as you usually do.

Try a back belt to improve your posture, as this can be a way of helping your back recover. If you sit over a laptop all day without a chair support, your back will give you problems. Move around as often as you can and take regular breaks away from your desk. Make sure you stretch and take a stroll around the office if you can’t leave it until a break time.

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