How to Heal Lower Back Pain

Low back pain comes in various forms, ranging from mild to chronic. Sometimes it disappears quickly if you have simply been sleeping in an awkward position. If that happens, bending and stretching exercises can help and hopefully it will soon go away.

If you experience more severe and prolonged back pain in the lumbar spine, you may want to look for alternative options in the form of home remedies first, then if the problem persists, seek additional help for pain management or even treatments from a physiotherapist or even a spine specialist.

What to do to relieve back pain?

Some approaches that you can try first include the use of pain relievers that are either in the form of creams that you can buy over the counter to relieve painful back muscles, or in the form of a tablet that is for oral use (pain medications). The latter often comes with a range of side effects and is not recommended for long-term use.

Do you have back pain because of your job?

Apart from methods for pain relief and management, certain lifestyle adjustments may be recommended, as sometimes your spinal health may be affected by factors such as your job.

For example, if you work at a desk, your spine may become compressed from sitting down for long periods of time, and lead to problems such as pinched nerves, which in turn can trigger pain signals. On the other hand, if you work in a job that requires physical effort, you may be at risk of developing muscle strains or sprains, back spasms, and repetitive use back injury.

Living with back pain

Back problems are very common, and many seem to come out of the blue. One day your back is fine, and the next you experience debilitating back pain. If you do, don’t simply retire to bed and stay there. Doctors no longer advise patients with back problems to have bed rest. Now patients are told to take gentle exercise and do what they would normally do when not experiencing pain. Take it easy, though; don’t move at the same speed as you usually do.

Move around as often as you can and take regular breaks away from your desk if you work in an office setting. Make sure you stretch and take a stroll around the office if you can’t leave it until break time. This will help your back feel more relaxed and help avoid chronic term in the long term.

Relieve Back Pain at Home!

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