Spinal Backrack – Postural Improvement Class

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Spinal Backrack is proud to organize a 45-minute workshop for people who suffer from postural problems related to spinal health.

What you expect:

  • A brief introduction to the Backrack and the spinal anatomy.
  • A brief description of the main issues that affect the spine.
  • To learn how the Backrack helps you relieve pain in the back, neck, or hips, correct your posture, and improve your range of movement.
  • A chance to try out the Backrack and feel how it feels on your spine.
  • The specialist will attend to the needs of each patient individually on a rotation basis and provide feedback.
  • At the end of the workshop, patients must return the Backrack devices to the specialist.

Prior to the session, each patient will be sent a questionnaire to fill out online in preparation for the class.