Daily Habits to Reduce and Prevent Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem nowadays. Chronic back pain means a backache that is continued for persistent 12 weeks or more even the underlying cause of an acute backache or initial injury has been treated.

Common Causes of Back Pain

Here are some causes which may cause you to suffer from chronic back pain.

  • Any tear in the intervertebral disc.
  • Normal wear and tear process in the spine with the advancing age.
  • Brittle bones (vertebral fractures causes by osteoporosis)
  • Scoliosis, e. the abnormal curvature in the spine.
  • Spinal stenosis, i.e. narrowing of the space around the spinal cord thus exerting pressure on the nerves. Bone spurs can cause stenosis.

Knowing the underlying cause of backache can be a bit complicated. However, pain can be prevented by relieving pressure from the spine, protecting it, reducing strain and stress from it and making the muscles stronger by exercise.

Reduce lower back pain.

Few Routine Habits Cause Chronic Back Pain

Here are some common habits found responsible for back problems:

Soft Mattress

Soft mattress disturbs the natural curvatures of the spine. Good posture is not maintained, and thus you suffer from a backache.

Holding Cell Phone Incorrectly

Talking on the phone by keeping it in between the ear and shoulder is not a good practice. Continuous talking in this posture, texting and emailing on a smartphone for a long time creates pressure on the neck which travels along your back. This practice is a common cause of a chronic backache.

Wearing High Heels

High heeled shoes disrupt the natural frequency of lower spine and exert extra pressure, and as a result, you suffer from low back pain.

Poor Diet

Diet poor in calcium and vitamin D causes the bones brittle. Bones of the spine also become week and prone to wear and tear changes. Thus you suffer from a backache.


Smoking is also one of the common causes of back problems.

Modify Your Lifestyle to Reduce or Prevent Chronic Back Pain

Here are some lifestyle modifications described. By adopting them, you can reduce your chronic back pain up to the minimum level.

Back Pain at Night

A restful sleep of 6-9 hours causes the relaxation of the muscles feeling you more comfortable. Here are some tips for healthy sleep to avoid back pain.

  1. Do not sleep on your stomach. It increases the pain.
  2. The best sleeping position to avoid pain is to sleep on the side while keeping the body
  3. Keep a pillow between your knees while lying on one side. It causes reduction of back pain originating from arching of the spine.
  4. Always use a firm mattress and a supportive pillow. Soft mattress enhances backache.

Pain While Sitting

Back pain also increases by adopting the poor posture of sitting. Always sit up straight keeping your ears, shoulders and hips in a line. Put your feet flat on the floor. Keep thighs parallel to the ground. Backrack office seat support.

Back pain while sitting can also be avoided by sitting on your “sitting bones” i.e. the ischial tuberosity and not sitting on your tailbone.

Purchase a chair with a flat, firm seat and proper lower back support. A chair with proper back support helps you avoiding the back pain. If your chair is deficient with lumbar support, put a small pillow or rolled up towel between the chair and your lower back.

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Back Pain While Standing

Many people experience back pain while standing. There are some easy solutions for this problem.

  1. If you have to stand for consecutive many hours, give your back a break. You must do stretching at regular intervals while standing for a long time. You can do this by bending forward and to the sides.
  2. Keep your ears, shoulders and hip in a straight line while standing.
  3. Always wear supportive shoes. Avoid long heals.
  4. You can use back brace which provides you postural support for prolonged periods.

Pain While Driving

Driving long distances on regular basis becomes a cause of back pain. But if you’re already suffering from choric back pain then few miles of driving is enough to trigger lumbar pain. Following are few tips to avoid chronic back pain while you drive:Backrack car seat support.

  1. Sit on your sitting bones keeping back upright and keep knees slightly lower than your hip.
  2. Take regular intervals of a break during a long drive.

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Increase the Intake of Calcium and Vitamin D

Strong bones help to reduce the process of osteoporosis and wear and tear changes in bones which are age-related. Having strong bones lowers the risk of having back pain. You must increase your calcium and vitamin D intake.

Use milk, green leafy vegetables, yoghurt and dairy products. Vitamin D is adequate in beef liver, cheese, egg yolk and fatty wish. You can also take calcium and vitamin D supplements.

Change Your Footwear

If you wear shoes with long heels, do change them. Shoes with heels of less than one inch are safe for your back.

Quit Smoking

Cigarette smokers are at more risk of developing chronic back pain because nicotine reduces the blood flow towards the spine. Due to a decreased oxygen supply, bones, muscles and ligaments of back become more prone to injury and get swollen even after mild insult causing back pain. Thus if you are a smoker, put out the cigarettes.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

Heavy lifting or improper weightlifting practice is a common cause of chronic back pain. It is more common in industrial workers, cargo loading staff and other labourers. If you are a heavy lifting worker, do not lift the weight beyond your capacity and adopt correct techniques while lifting the load.

Also, consider using Backrack™ Lumbar Support Belt to prevent back problems occur due to heavy lifting.Backrack back support belt.

Treat Constipation First

Sometimes constipation causes a backache because abdomen has extra pressure in the state of constipation. The extra strain is put to the spine which disturbs its natural frequency, and you suffer from a backache. Thus if you have constipation, first treat it. Eat fibre in routine. Raw vegetables and fruit have an adequate amount of fibre. Take them regularly and drink plenty of water.


Daily Exercise

The people who do not take exercise and have a sedentary lifestyle, suffer from chronic back pain because back muscles become lax. If you take regular exercise, muscles of back become stronger having an adequate blood supply and oxygen supply, and your backache is relieved.

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Avoid Stress

If you are suffering from stress, depression or frustration, your muscles become tense. Oxygen and blood supply is compromised, and you feel muscle pain. Constant tension causes chronic lower back pain because this part of the body has already low blood supply. Thus if you are suffering from chronic back pain, make your life stress and tension free. Be happy. If necessary, visit a psychologist.

If you adopt above-mentioned habits in your daily routine, you may prevent yourself from a backache, or if you are already having chronic back pain, you may reduce it by adopting these healthy lifestyle tips.