Decompression Belt for Lower Back Treatment

Have all your back pain remedies ended in vain?

Are you tired of your lower back aching every time you stand up?

Do you just not have enough time in your day to do the needed exercise to relieve yourself of back pain?

Then you can put your worries to rest here. The Backrack lumbar belt is specially designed for you.

Technology of Backrack belt

An effective tool to provide you with a peace of mind regarding your lower back pain!

It's a spinal decompression belt that aims to provide you relief by actually treating the cause of pain. This belt comes from the brilliant minds of Harley Street medical professionals famed for their expertise in the medical field.

How is this any Different from other Belts on the Market?

This decompression belt is remarkable in what it does but how does it stack up against other similar products.

Most belts that provide relief fall short on everything other than providing support to your back. They work on a simple mechanism, providing support to your lower back by applying pressure to your lumbar region. Their structure is fairly simple and are best at short term relief.

The Backrack Belt in contrast is much more complex in what it does and for a good reason. This belt actually helps treat the cause of your discomfort. It comes packed with ample support both at the front and the back and it comes with wooden nodules covered with a breathable layer. While you move around doing your tasks the nodules apply gentle pressure on your lower back decompressing your spine and correcting its alignment.

How does it work?

The spine is very complex in its design and a very crucial part of the body. It connects the brain to the body and provides support so it is no wonder why you can feel excruciating pain if anything goes amiss. Most often than not the culprit is spinal compression or spinal misalignment. Compression happens when there is excess pressure or stress put on the spine so it gets out of shape. This usually leads to more spinal deformities. The Backrack belt helps in “decompressing” the spine working on the root problem. This doesn’t not only give you momentary relief but also helps you get rid of the core problem.

There is no need to empty your wallets on painkillers and frequent clinic visits!

Not only will you be combating your back pain but it will also provide you with better posture by keeping you up straight and stopping you from slouching which can be a cause of spinal deformity. It also limits your movement. This is important so that you does not experience any sudden movements. Limiting movement is important for the healing effect to take place.

Taking care of your back is important. Although, you can do that by avoiding to sit long hours in a position or going out for a jog. However, there are a ton of things you can do in your own room to reduce the risk of back pain!

As you know that “Prevention is better than the cure

Author: Spinal Backrack


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