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Bulging/Herniated disc

Safe Activities for L5-S1 Pain Sufferers

Find out what activities are safe for L5-S1 pain sufferers to engage in. Staying active even with spinal issues is important to maintain or even improve spine health.

Bulging/Herniated disc

Innovative Treatments for Severe Disc Pain

Severe disc pain can be debilitating, affecting the quality of life for millions of individuals worldwide. It can be treated naturally with the help of the Backrack.

Bulging/Herniated disc

How to Treat Severe Disc Pain from Home

To treat severe disc pain, a combination of home remedies such as heat and ice therapy, pain medication, and exercise can be employed initially.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Can You Fix Spondylosis Naturally?

Spondylosis is a term referring to degenerative spine conditions, and its symptoms can be effectively managed through natural methods.

Degenerative Disc Disease

How to Manage Degenerative Spine Changes

While degenerative spine changes cannot be reversed, the symptoms they cause can be effectively managed to improve quality of life.

L5-S1 disc pain
Bulging/Herniated disc

L5 S1 Disc Pain Treatment Options

The L5 S1 disc is prone to causing pain because of the high physical pressure it has to carry due to its location. It can be treated with the help of spinal decompression therapy.

Bulging/Herniated disc

Can Spinal Discs Be Repaired?

If you are wondering whether spinal discs can be repaired, it must most likely be due to the fact that you wish to avoid invasive procedures such as a spinal fusion surgery. It must be said that while some disc problems may be fixed in a natural way, others can only be managed.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Muscular Back Pain vs Disc Back Pain

Sometimes disc related back pain may be misdiagnosed as muscular back pain because of close proximity and it might affect an overlapping area.

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