Do Spinal Decompression Belts Work?

Do spinal decompression belts really work?

A quick answer to this question is “Yes – they do work” but not all of them provide the same results.

Let us help you understand how spinal decompression belts are different from other back braces and why not all spinal decompression belts are equally effective in relieving lower back pain.

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Other Back Support Belts Vs. Spinal Decompression Belts

There is no doubt that spinal decompression belts are different than other lumbar support belts as described below:

Not all decompression belts are equally effective​

The efficacy of a spinal belt is always based on the technology it uses. Belts that incorporate spinal decompression therapy on top of support for the lower back provide better pain relief results.


Other Belts

Commonly available lumbar belts or braces are made only to support only the lower back but don’t help manage pain in the lumbar region. That's why almost all belts work only as external stabilisers, but when it comes to treat the cause of pain, most of the products fail to deliver.

Spinal Decompression Belts

On the other hand, spinal decompression belts have a different mode of action as they don't only provide external support to your lower back, but they treat the cause of pain by decompressing your lumbar spine. Decompression belts are way better than other back support belts available out there.

Spinal Backrack Decompression Belt

A Revolutionary Spinal Decompression Technology came from The Harley Street, London!

Backrack Spinal Decompression Belt is based on the unique, patented Backrack technology that helps treat the root cause of pain naturally instead of providing only external support and short-term pain relief.

Support & Stability

The central spine alignment rod in this belt keeps your lower spine stable and it compresses the abdomen. As a result, your body mass is centered in the abdominal region. There are several copper metal rods embedded within the belt to provide core support and relieve unwanted pressure from your back due to body mass, so you get optimum stability and external support while working.


When it comes to the treatment of pain, there are unique wooden nodules integrated into the belt to fit on the either side of each vertebra of your lower spine. When you move while performing your daily tasks, these nodules put gentle pressure on each vertebra and treat the cause of pain by restoring the natural space in the spine.

Benefits of Wearing a Decompression Belt

Now, let’s discuss some other benefits of wearing a spinal decompression belt:


Core Stability

With the use of a high quality decompression belt, the patient’s core stability increases. Normally, patients with chronic back pain do not have the strength to maintain their posture. This is why their body is often not stable. Decompression belts helps solve this problem.

Better Posture

When you wear a spinal decompression belt, it helps you maintain your posture. Normally, patients with back pain tend to slouch because they think that being upright would increase pressure on their spine. Most of them develop this habit and it is not easy for them to let it go. With a decompression belt, the posture becomes upright and there are fewer instances of sudden pain.

Pain Relief

Wearing a decompression belt is almost similar to someone giving a massage to your lower back. This helps in alleviating pain in the region. Wearing the belt during working hours is effective in treating back pain while you carry on with your day.

Reduction in Stress​

Sometimes, back pain is due to the patient’s body mass. The spine might be unable to bear the weight of the body, creating negative pressure in the disc which may injure the disc itself or other surrounding structures. Spinal decompression belts exert pressure on the stomach as a result of which, weight is focused on that region. So, the pressure is removed from the spine.

backrack lumbar belt

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