Do Spinal Decompression Belts Work?

There are different methods of treating back pain without having to put yourself through invasive treatments. One of these methods is the use of a spinal decompression belt. These belts or braces are made for supporting the lower back and reducing unwanted pressure on the lumbar region. The patient has to wear a belt during work.

The belt would compress the abdomen. As a result of that, the body mass is centered in the abdominal region. If there is any pressure on the back due to body mass, that is reduced or removed. There are different benefits of using decompression belts.

Core Stability

With the use of a decompression belt, the patient’s core stability would increase. Normally, patients with back pain do not have the strength to maintain their position. This is why their body is often not stable. Decompression belts solve this problem.

Pain Relief

A decompression belt is almost similar to someone giving a massage to your lower back. This helps in alleviating pain in the region. Wearing the belt during working hours is effective in treating back pain without using any painkiller or steroids.

Better Posture

When you wear a spinal decompression belt, it helps to maintain your posture. Normally, patients with back pain tend to slouch because they think that being upright would increase pressure on their spine which is not true. Most of them develop this habit and it is not easy for them to let it go. With a decompression belt, the posture becomes upright and there are fewer instances of sudden pain.

Reduction in Stress

Sometimes, the back pain is due to the patient’s own body mass. This is common in obese patients. The spine might be unable to bear the weight of the body and any vertebrae might get damaged. Spinal decompression belts exert pressure on the stomach as a result of which, weight is focused on that region. So, the pressure is removed from the spine.

Limited Movement

If the back pain is due to a sports-based injury or heavy lifting, it is recommended that you do not move the affected region for a few days. However, this is not always possible as patients unknowingly move those parts and end up in a lot of pain. By wearing a decompression belt, a patient can limit his or her mobility. This helps in allowing the back injury to heal, without any excess strain on it.

Are there any Concerns?

Long-term usage of spine decompression belts can lead to many problems such as skin lesions. Sensitive skin might get irritated or lesions could form. Other than that, constant compression of the stomach could lead to gastrointestinal diseases or stress. Similarly, if the muscles are being stressed for so long, there is a possibility that your blood pressure might increase. When you use a spinal decompression belt, make sure that you let your body breath. If you use it properly, the belt can help in alleviating back pain.

Author: Spinal Backrack