Do You Need Back Support Throughout the Day?

Whether you have to spend long periods of time sitting down throughout the day, carrying around heavy objects either as part of your job or while running errands, or you simply have difficulty moving around because of a known or unknown spinal condition (such as sciatica, disc herniation, spinal stenosis, pinched nerve, etc.), your lumbar spine may need extra support to make your life easier.

Our spine plays a crucial role in the stability and movement of our upper bodies, and as such it is also placed under great stress everyday due to activities that involve either sitting down for prolonged periods of time or overuse due to physically-demanding activities.

The lower back especially can be placed under great strain, as it makes up the bottom segment of the spine, and as such has to bear a greater weight than the other two major regions of the spine (thoracic spine and cervical spine). In other words, the lower back supports our upper body and helps stabilise it.

To mitigate the effects that such stress might have on your spine, it may be helpful to wear a lumbar support belt, such as the Backrack Lumbar Support Belt.

Wearing the Backrack Belt, as opposed to other back braces that are available out there, has the added benefit of decompressing your spine, and it also acts as a posture corrector. In other words, apart from the nodules on the spine providing enhanced support for your spine as they fit in-between your vertebrae, these nodules also massage your spine gently as you move around, help keep your spine in an optimal position, and provide long-lasting pain relief.

With prolonged wear, your back pain is relieved, as the belt works on fixing the cause of your lower back pain – spinal compression – which is the culprit behind many spinal pathologies that cause pain in the lumbar spine. It can be adjusted to fit your back comfortably, and the durable double-neoprene base helps ensure that your spine benefits from proper lumbar supports.

Backrack Lumbar Support Belt

Backrack lumbar belt doesn't only provide back support, but it also helps treat the cause of back pain naturally. That being said, in the short term you get quick relief from pain, while in the long term your chances of back pain recurring are reduced.

Causes for a Painful Back

Your lower back may become painful due to a number of reasons, such as:

  • Underusing your back due to a sedentary lifestyle, which is linked either with lack of exercise, or spending too much time sitting or laying down in a position that is unfavourable for your spine.
  • Overusing your spine due to intense physical activities. Whether you work in a physically demanding field, work out intensively, practice a sport that places increased stress on your lower back, or simply have to use your back a lot while carrying our day-to-day activities, these actions can strain your lower back and lead to pain, and sometimes feeling like your back is too weak to hold your torso upright.
  • Spinal conditions such as sciatica, disc herniation, spinal stenosis, cauda equina syndrome, piriformis syndrome, and others.
  • Spinal compression, which is behind many spinal conditions that can cause lower back pain, weakness and stiffness.


If pain, stiffness, or weakness in the lower back are bothering you, it may be tempting to simply take pain medication or reaching for other approaches such as injections. However, unless the root cause of the pain has been addressed, these symptoms will persist. Lifestyle changes along with natural treatment methods are usually the best solution to addressing problems in the lower back. Some approaches to consider include:

  • Engaging in light exercise to keep your spine in shape.
  • Stretching, to release any tension and stiffness that may be present in the spine.
  • Physical therapy to work on your spinal mobility.
  • Maintaining or getting to a healthy weight. A higher body weight will place an increased amount of pressure on your spine.

A lot of people may find such actions to be highly beneficial, but it may take a long time to see results. While they shouldn’t be ruled out, you can also wear a support belt in the meantime, to give your lower back a rest, and also to increase your chances of not only making the pay go away, but staying pain-free.

If you want to not have to worry about low back pain, stiffness, or muscle weakness interfering with your daily activities, wear the lumbar belt while you carry on with your day as usual, and the belt will relieve your pain in the meantime – in an all-natural way.

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