Dr. Sarah Brewer: Backrack is The Best Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Below you can find the review of Dr. Sarah Brewer about the benefits of Backrack and Belt.

“The vertebrae in your back interlock to form four gentle curves, whose sinuous S shape provide additional strength and stability. If these become compressed, the spine is ‘squashed’ or shortened and back pain results.

Backrack pain treatment zones

The Backrack was developed by a spinal rehabilitation specialist. It is designed to decompress the natural curves of the spine and to treat both the underlying cause and the symptoms of back pain.

The Backrack is made from ethically sourced wood and is anatomically shaped to help support and realign your back.

Simply lie down on the backrack and the nodules on the spindles will do the rest. They are designed to suspend your spine and to push up under the joints that become compressed. This gentle separates the joints and allows your spine to lengthen and decompress, relieving the pressure that is associated with back pain.

We have kept a Backrack under our bed for over 10 years! My other half regularly lies on it for a few minutes, first thing in the morning, to stretch his back before starting the day.”

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Best Treatment For Lower Back Pain