Home Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Do you have lower back pain problems?

If you suffer with back pain, you may be wondering if you should have surgery, a laminectomy or discectomy perhaps. Many of our clients have written to us with their tales of woe after having surgery so our advice is that it is better to try your own home treatment for lower back pain.

Our products have been designed by Harley Street specialists and have patents. We have lumbar belts which support your lower back, chair and seat supports and our Backrack. If you need advice, contact us and we will answer your questions.

Bending and Stretching

You need to bend and stretch as much as you can when you have back pain, as these exercises will stretch your spine, which needs to be decompressed. In the past osteopaths and chiropractors offered to treat patients by stretching their spines and giving massages. Of course, patients had to pay for their treatment, but if you suffer from back pain you’d pay any amount of money to have a pain-free back.

Now you can fix your back pain in the comfort of your own home with our products. You can exercise too. Try touching your toes to stretch your spine or at least your feet. This exercise, and others that are similar are called low back traction. They decompress your spine, giving some relief from your pain. The theory is that if your discs are stretched or pulled, the space between your vertebrae will be increased they will be hydrated and so your spine will get more healing nutrients and water; just what they need!

back treatment using backrack spinal device

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression for back pain relief has been practised at least since the days of Hippocrates (370 BC – 460 BC), who is often called the Father of Medicine. He used a system of ropes and pulleys and a ladder to attempt to relieve his patients’ back pain. It must have been painful. Luckily, we have come a long way since those days. Our Spinal Backrack System is easy to use and made from ethically sourced wood.

We also have belts to support your lower back so that you can get relief from your back pain wherever you are. Our chair supports are also easy to transport from A to B, so your car seat support can also be used on chairs in your home or office.

Back support

It’s important to have a back support on your seat, as these days we tend to be sedentary for most of the day. It’s also important to move around at least once an hour, to relieve the pressure on your spine when you are sitting. Walk around as much as you can and at lunchtime, get out of your office and take a walk in the fresh air if the weather is good. This will not only help your spine but will also make you more alert. You’ll be able to concentrate much better and not fall asleep at your desk after lunch.

Our products are all reasonably priced, so why not take a look at our catalogue now?