How Backrack Helps Chiros and Physios Treat Sciatica?

Although traditional sciatica treatments work well, sometimes pain comes back within a few months. We, at Spinal Backrack, equip Chiropractors and Physiotherapists with a unique, patented technology called “The Spinal Backrack System” to help them treat the cause of sciatica.

This is a spinal decompression device designed by Harley Street specialists. This innovative technology is not only limited to the treatment of sciatica, but it works on the whole spine and covers all common forms of back pain i.e. herniated discs, stenosis, nerve impingement, scoliosis, and more.

Backrack Helps Chiros and Physios

Treat Spinal Disorders Naturally Using The Backrack Device!

Backrack is an advanced orthopaedic medical device that treats spinal disorders. Even if you prefer traditional ways to treat sciatica, Backrack enhances the efficacy of your treatment by serving as an external spinal decompressor.


It’s a wooden structure that mirrors the natural curvature of the spine to fully support the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions. And the wooden nodules placed in the middle of the device has a function to gently decompress every single vertebra of the patient’s spinal column.


The patients are asked to lie on the Backrack with their knees bent. In this way, the device provides support to each individual vertebrae of the spine. When the patient lies in the neutral position, the Backrack device mimics the actual curvature of the spine.

Then, the wooden nodules provide support and put pressure gently on either side of each individual vertebrae so the spine starts getting decompressed. Through easy Backrack exercises, all the vertebrae that might have shifted due to an injury or normal wear and tear, return to their original position so the patient gets long term pain relief.


Since it’s a non-invasive yet easy way to treat the causes of all back pains, a large number of physiotherapists and chiropractors all over the world are now using Backrack to treat their patients.

Medical professionals who prefer adopting advanced treatment modalities can absolutely rely on Backrack to treat any abnormality of the spinal column. For others, who rely more on traditional therapies to relieve sciatic nerve pain can use it as an add-on to empower their medical practice.

The Backrack device removes all the unnecessary pressure from the sciatic nerve, which results in reduced back pain within first 3-4 sessions. However, regular use of the Backrack device helps treat and prevent all types of back pain and their associated symptoms.

Ease of Use

The Backrack device can be used conveniently anywhere, anytime without any supervision. However, if the patient is suffering from severe sciatic nerve pain, then it is better to seek help from experienced chiropractors and physiotherapists for the first couple of days.

The reason being that many patients with severe sciatica have a stiff back, so it is difficult for them to get on and off the device themselves in such conditions.

Alternatively, if medical professionals have the device at their clinic, they can help and guide their patients until they are mobilised, as the Backrack is a Medical device Class I CE marked product with absolutely no side-effects.

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