Treat and Prevent Back Pain Caused by Manual Work

Back pain is the leading cause why many people worldwide visit a doctor and it can lead to only to discomfort to the sufferer, but it can also impact work performance.

There are many jobs that require manual handling, lifting, pushing and carrying heavy items. Frequent lifting of heavy weights can result in musculoskeletal injuries such as strains and sprains, spasms of the back muscles and many other types of disorders including sciatic nerve injury.

What are the Causes of Pain?

People who work in demanding manual labor jobs are more prone to develop chronic lower back pain due to the following reasons:

  1. Frequently lifting heavy weights.
  2. Lifting the weight in an awkward position, g. with one hand only.
  3. Crouching, bending or stooping for several hours.
  4. Pulling, pushing or dragging heavy weights.
  5. Frequent twisting and stretching the body.
  6. Frequent posture changes.
  7. Assuming a bad posture during heavy lifting practices.
  8. Maintaining the same position for several hours at a time.
  9. Working more than normal physical limits, working during an acute illness or being tired also causes an increased risk for lower back pain.
  10. Getting an injury from accidents, falls, or over engagement in physical activity or contact sports.

According to a study, more than 60 percent of workers in industries experience lower back pain. Most of them have chronic back pain.

How to Treat and Prevent Back Pain?

The first thing to consider is to improve the way you handle the weights, provided that it is not possible to avoid lifting them altogether.

How to Lift Heavy Objects the Right Way

Here are some tips for safe lifting, by considering them you can become safe from back pain and other back problems including sciatica if you are a weight lifting worker.

  1. Keep yourself in a stable position
  2. Always hold the load well
  3. Keep your back straight while lifting
  4. Always look forward
  5. Move smoothly, and avoid sudden, jerky movements
  6. Do not lift a weight more than you are physically able to carry
  7. Do not twist while lifting
  8. Keep the load close to your waist

Another solution is to wear a special lumbar belt, with spinal decompression features incorporated, to help support your back while lifting, reduce the risk of injury and also providing you with pain relief through gentler massage at the same time.

Use Backrack Lumbar Belt To Prevent Back Pain

Adopting back care habits before any problem occurs is the best approach, and wearing the right support belt can be a great aid in this. The Backrack Back Support Belt is a primary tool to prevent back problems while you lift heavy loads. The belt allows for the redistribution of forces from the spine which take place while lifting a something heavy. Using a support also belt protects you getting from back pain and other problems, i.e. nerve compression, herniation disc and spasm of muscles.
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