How Sitting Causes Back Pain?

Many people who are suffering from back pain, struggle to come to know that what is causing their problem indeed but they do not bother to think about the hours of their continuous sitting which might prolong than eight hours and this prolonged sitting may be the underlying cause.

Underlying Causes

The most common underlying cause of lower back pain is postural problems. That is the reason that lumbar pain most commonly happens by sleeping in the wrong position, heavy weight lifting, prolonged bending, laying down in a bad, rounded back position or prolonged standing. It is claimed that more than 90% pressure is exerted to your back when you sit, in comparison to when you stand. If your habit is sitting in a way that causes an imbalance in your neck and back and increases tension in your back muscles, you are prone to suffer from upper or lower back pain. This can happen while sitting in front of a computer in your office, prolonged sitting in front of the TV at your home or while sitting at the driving seat of your car.

Some Posture Mistakes that Cause Back Problems

Many persons make some mistakes that enhance postural stress which results back and neck pain. Our lifestyle makes our subconscious habits and thus we are prone to miss the extra stresses we are putting on our back muscles and bones. Some common causes of back pain related to sitting posture are described as following.

  1. Your head tips in the forward position while you are looking down at your laptop, computer or phone. The average weight of the human head is ten pounds. If your head angles forward even slightly, it puts extra strain to the muscles of your upper back and neck. The extent up to which you further lean forward your head, and the time for which you maintain that straining posture, determines the stress exerted to your neck and back muscles and the amount of extra work which the muscles have to do.
  2. You roll forward your shoulders. Some commonly occurring causes of the lower backache are, absence of lumbar support when you are sitting on a chair which is too soft, an imbalance between muscles in which the muscles of your chest (pectoral muscles) have greater strength than your back muscles or habit of standing while your arms are hanging down at the sides of your body and your feet are your shoulders width apart. You are said to be in a proper balanced state if your thumb is pointing forward. You are probably in an imbalanced state if your palms are directed behind you.
  3. You are in a leaning forward position at your lower back. This posture is the culprit of exerting more pressure to the vertebral bones of the lower spinal column (lumbar region) because it compresses the intervertebral discs which are present between each adjacent vertebrae.
  4. If your elbows are too much distance from your body. It is the general rule of lifting, that the greater the weight of the object you are lifting, the further your elbows are distant from your central body, the more strain is put on your upper back and shoulders. It may not seem like much when you reach your arms forward to write something or type, but performing this practice for eight or more hours in a day will end up in some problem with your back and shoulders.
  5. Holding your cellular phone with your ear. Many persons perform this practice that they talk on the cellular phone while at the same time, their hands are doing some other task. Thus they wedge the phone between their ear and shoulders. If you do this for a few minutes, this will not cause any imbalance in your body but if you are going to do this for a prolonged period of time, it will increase tension in the muscles of your shoulders, upper back, and neck which may result in neck and upper back pain and muscle spasm.
  6. Sitting for a prolonged time period. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, your muscles obtain fewer nutrients and oxygen from your body. The golden rule in this regard is to change postural positions frequently and take breaks after every thirty minutes of prolonged sitting either you are doing office work or watching TV at your home. Drinking plenty of water is also helpful for you. It keeps your body in the well-hydrated state which makes you healthy. It also has an advantage that you feel micturition reflex after some time which stimulates you to get up and go to the bathroom.

How to Get Rid Of Back Pain?

Here we are telling you some strategies by acting upon which you can relieve your backache.

Activities That Reduce Back Pain

Yoga – Yoga is a very effective method of preventing and even treating the backache which occurs due to sitting. You must remember that some poses can exaggerate the backache, so adopt only those positions which are well tolerated by your body. Yoga is a good activity having very low-risk potential.

Pilates – While some sorts of physical activities can aggravate the back pain, Pilates is a good choice for those who are suffering from or want to prevent the backache. Pilates is also a path to burn the extra body calories and lose weight which is generally not possible for the people facing back pain.

Seek Help from a Professional

Massage – Massage is another good way to relieve pain. Though it is a luxury approach, a monthly massage is effective and affordable for the common population. There are many types of massage options, so always be sure of targeting the area of your ache.

Seek a Chiropractor – If you seek for a good chiropractor, it can excellently relieve your back pain. They are trained in musculoskeletal manipulation and able to identify the root cause of your pain and treat the specific areas of your pain with specific procedures. They may also suggest other activities that are helpful for your condition.

Physical Therapy – The patients who are suffering from trauma or healing from surgeries, physical therapists and their staff are enough qualified to help the condition of back pain.

Products That May Help You

Buy a Chair Back Support – An effective back chair support works on your spine as you work. To reduce back pain that is induced by sitting, use the Backrack™ back chair support.

Buy an ergonomic chair – It is mandatory to manage a good ergonomic chair for you if you do an office job. Even for the persons who have standing desks, it is mandatory to get a quality chair for a considerable time to avoid back problems.

Use an Inversion table – It is proven from studies that the use of the inversion table helps in alleviating back pain. So manage it for yourself.