How to Deal with Middle Back Pain in the Morning?

Do you feel severe middle back pain when you wake up in the morning? Waking up with back pain can be quite frustrating, but it is usually not caused by anything serious.Any one of the following could be the potential causes of your morning pain along the back:

1) Inflammation in the back

Sometimes inflammation in the tissues of back occurs due to autoimmune causes, which is a serious problem that needs attention.

2) Inflammaging

It is the process of a slow and steady rise in the inflammatory processes with the advancing age.

3) Myofascial Pain Syndrome

It is also known as fibromyalgia, which is an emerging cause of middle back pain in the morning.

4) Awkward Sleeping Posture

Having a poor sleeping posture is perhaps the most common and well-established cause of waking up with severe back pain and discomfort. This happens so because repeated pressure is exerted to the vertebral column, especially if you have a tendency of sleeping on your side.

If you’re a side sleeper, the back muscles and ligaments have to work more to stabilize the vertebral column.

You may try other sleeping positions, although it is best to avoid having to sleep on your stomach, as this can impact your sleep quality, lead to aches and pains, as well as other issues.


5) Obesity

6) Muscle sprains and strains

Heavy weight-lifting practices without using proper techniques the day before the pain occurs easily causes spraining or straining to the back.

7) Herniated discs

When the inner jelly-like material of a disc comes out of the outer ring, this condition is termed as disc herniation.

8) Osteoarthritis

9) Aging

Older persons are more prone to suffer from back pain because the changes that occur due to wear and tear in the joints and cartilages, which are aggravated with advancing age.

10) Injuries

The thoracic region is quite rigid and structured so there are less chances of injury to the mid-region of the back, but it is still possible.

11) Degenerative Disc Disease

This medical condition usually occurs due to age-related wear and tear (degeneration), as the name suggests, as well as long periods of physical stress that is placed on the spinal discs.

Symptoms of Middle Back Pain

Usually, the symptoms depend upon the underlying reason for the pain. Some of the most common symptoms of the middle backache are:

Apart from these, some more serious symptoms may also happen:

  • Tingling sensations in the upper or lower extremities and chest
  • Chest pain
  • Weakness in both upper and lower limbs
  • Bowel or bladder dysfunction, either continence or incontinence

Additionally, if you suffer from chronic back pain in general, but it tends to get worse in the morning, or if the pain persists, it is recommended to seek medical advice in case there could be something serious causing these symptoms.

Upon receiving a diagnosis, you may be able to choose from some of the following treatment options, that depend both on the cause of your pain, as well as intensity:

  • Physical therapy
  • Anti-inflammtory pain medication
  • Muscle relaxants or pain relievers
  • Wearing a back brace
  • Surgical intervention (should only be considered as a last resort, and only for extreme cases)

Natural Treatment for Middle Back Pain in the Morning

If you want to wake up refreshed, and without back pain, try the Spinal Backrack. It is a unique spinal decompression device that restores the natural curve of your spine as well as the space between each vertebra through easy exercises you can perform at home. And the best part? It is 100% natural and free of side effects. Why not joint thousands of people who have already reclaimed their pain-free life?

Why spinal decompression therapy can help you wake up refreshed and pain-free

A spinal decompression device like the Backrack helps remove abnormalities in the spine caused by spinal compression, allowing you to not experience back pain.

Other Pain Management Options

Making some lifestyle adjustments can also help relieve the ocurrence of middle back pain in the morning. If this pain persists, you may also try one or more of the following adjustments to your lifestyle:

  • Getting a new mattress. People often find that their mattress made their back hurt, and replacing it provided them not only relief from pain in the middle back, but also upper back pain and lower back pain relief.
  • Exercising. Engaging in stretching exercises, whether they are upper, middle, or lower back stretches, this may work wonders on your spine. Stretching the entire spine can be beneficial in reducing or relieving this pain as sometimes the pain originates in a different region from where the pain is felt.
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