How to Fix Lower Back Muscle Strain?

Lower Back Pain most commonly comes from a muscle strain or lumbar strain. When the muscles of the back are stretched too far, a muscle strain is likely to occur. Nearly everyone experiences low back pain at a point in their life.

An injury to muscle or ligament is the cause of almost all sorts of low back injuries. However, it is better to have your pain evaluated by medical professionals if you don’t really know the cause of it. That being said, there are some definite signs of a serious injury to the lower back:

  • Un-controllable bladder or bowel functions
  • Slow yet progressive extreme weakness
  • Sleep depriving pain
  • A constant pain that is severe

Here is a brief description of the human anatomy of the spine, that will help you better understand how a muscle strain manifests itself.

The paraspinal muscles are a group of large muscles that are seen to support the spine. Both the spinal column and the weight of the upper body is supported by these muscles. There are tough ligaments that connect the five lumbar vertebrae that play a crucial role in maintaining the spinal column.

Control and strength for nearly all activities are obtained from the muscles, ligaments, and bones. They usually work together.

All movements and activities are taken care of by the lumbar spine and its surrounding muscles. This reason is exactly what puts a spine prone to an injury.

Symptoms of Low Back Strain

Symptoms isolated to the lower back are caused due to lumbar muscle strains. They do not cause problems in the legs, unlike other spinal conditions. Some common symptoms of lumbar strains are:

  • Pain in the low back and upper buttocks
  • Muscle spasms in the lower back
  • Activities-associated pain that gets relieved with rest.


Inflammation of soft tissues is the result of the low lumbar spine. This inflammation brings along pain and muscle spasms.

Factors that contribute and tend to influence the development of such type of problems shouldn’t be neglected. But the problem is most of these symptoms strike in the most unexpected conditions, such as a sudden forceful movement, lifting a heavy object ,or in worst cases twisting the back in a dangerous manner.

Some well-known factors that give rise to low back pain include:

If you have consistent problems with your lower back, consider these factors. If you are involved in smoking, obesity or not performing regular exercises that strengthen the back. Then these steps can significantly control your symptoms.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Lumbar Strains

In order to determine if your back pain is indeed caused by a lumbar strain, you should seek medical advice. Your doctor might first perform a physical examination exam. If he/she finds anything that represents a cause for concern he/she may refer you to have an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan.

Treatment of the lumbar spine can be done with some simple steps. But that’s not as easy as it seems. The actual treatment is time-consuming as it becomes difficult to find relief and symptoms usually last for weeks and even months. But some aspects of the treatment can ensure fewer episodes of the injury in the future.

This isn’t to say that you can’t do anything to reduce pain in the short term.

For the time being, to temporarily relieve pain you may want to try:

·      A sensible amount of bed rest

·      Applying an ice pack on the affected area

There are also things you can do to relieve pain in the long term, such as:

·      Staying active

·      Performing muscle stretching exercises to release any tension inside the affected muscles

·      Performing muscle strengthening exercises that will help prevent future injury

·      Engaging in physical therapy – for which it is recommended that you use a medical device (such as the Backrack) to go with it

Taking any kind of muscle relaxants or anti inflammatory over-the counter medication is not recommended, however, as they can be highly addictive and can cause a series of side effects.

The most suitable treatment proved scientifically and compared to hundreds of treatments to find the most suitable and safe means of eliminating back pain, is making people move gently. Whether this movement comes under the result of physical therapy or other activities.

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