How to Fix Posture Permanently

Did you know that your posture could be the reason for frequent visits to the hospital and expensive medical bills?

It’s true. Posture is one of the leading causes to back problems, which can be a further trigger to more problems. Better posture may help you get in better shape, prevent and manage back pain. While it is never too late to correct your posture problems, starting sooner than later is always better.

However, in order to understand why good posture is important, it is best to first learn the role of the vertebrae and spinal column.

Your vertebrae are a series of connected bones that help support your back and keep your upper body in an upright posture, along with muscles, tendons, and other spinal structures. In other words, your spinal column also provides support to stand, walk and run.

As it is a very crucial part of the human body, even a slight misalignment to this region can lead to severe pains.

One of the most common misalignments that can affect your spine is that of a condition called spinal compression. Over time the shape of your spine may begin to change, and it may no longer retain the original length anymore. This packs the bones together, altering your posture.

Thus, affected vertebrae start putting pressure on each other and their surrounding region. Now, this may lead to pains of varying intensity depending on the cause of compression.

Bad posture can affect more than your spine and have an impact on other parts of your body, leading to misalignment at the level of the neck, shoulders, hips, and knees. This can cause you to experience rounded shoulders, shoulder pain, neck pain, hip pain, and other symptoms.

Do you have any of these symptoms?

Back Stiffness and Pain | Muscle weakness | Tingling | Numbness | Loss of bladder control

If so, it may be the case that your posture is to blame. When your posture gets altered, it throws the complex system that is your spine, off-balance. This can cause discs to become herniated, nerves to become trapped, and other issues that can lead to pain.

So, how can you fix your posture?

There are many treatment options out there that can help fix your back and have a healthy posture again – from surgeries to less invasive or even non-invasive ones like exercise or therapies. Some work best for some people while others do not.

While looking for a treatment, it is best to take an approach that helps you achieve correct posture in general, whether it is about posture while you’re sitting down, laying down, or moving around – in other words, both static posture and dynamic posture should be addressed.

There also exist a category of products and machines that help you deal with spinal compression. Although these products tackle the same problem, they do it with different technology and some are more helpful than others.

One such technology, called the Spinal Backrack, has been developed with you – the person – at the centre. It is designed to offer you maximum effectiveness and comfort in improving your posture and getting rid of any pain along the spine, in a natural and comfortable manner. It is a therapeutic device that allows you to correct posture mistakes from the comfort of your own home.

Discover Backrack – A Unique, Patented Technology

The Spinal Backrack is a unique, orthopaedic spinal decompression device that has been carefully engineered to treat back pain associated with spinal compression and to improve posture. Given its design, it targets the entire length of the spine, ensuring all problem areas are relieved from pain. It is 100% natural, comfortable, and free of side-effects. Thousands of people have already seen its benefits, so why not be one of them?

The Backrack Spinal Decompression device has been engineered by our top spine specialists from Harley Street with over 45 years of clinical experience.

Through a specially designed program of exercises, it decompresses your vertebral column, reversing the damage and returning your spine to its normal shape, allowing you to have great posture. It does so by:

  • Mimicking the natural curvature of the spine
  • Applying pressure with the help of the wooden beads along the rods that fit perfectly on either side of all vertebrae to fix them back to their original place.

Backrack is engineered by our top spine specialists from Harley Street with over 45 years of clinical experience.

An Easy Yet Effective Self-Treatment Option

Since other treatment options that help manage postural problems do exist, why choose Backrack?

To allow you to make an informed decision we have listed out some aspects where the Backrack is superior to other devices.

  1. Ease of use: There are no two ways about it. You lie down properly on the device and follow the simple program of exercises and with time, you will notice the posture of your spine returning to normal.
  2. No Help Required: Backrack device is specially designed for home use and without any supervision. It’s a CE marked, safe-to-use product that helps treat spinal disorders naturally.
  3. Treats The Cause of Pain: Unlike many other treatment options, Backrack directly targets the cause of pain using a simple yet steady spinal decompression technology, so you get long-term pain relief and comfort.
  4. Can be used around your schedule, anywhere you feel comfortable. As the rack itself is quite light, you can move it around as you wish, and work on your posture even in your bedroom, balcony, or backyard.


The Backrack is only one method of dealing with posture-based back pain. Other methods are also available out there, but they are either too invasive or temporary (for example pain killers, steroid injections, etc.)

The Backrack is a trusted and clinically tested device, bringing the solution to your back pain and posture problems at your doorstep.


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