How to Keep Your Spine Healthy as You Age

It is believed that the vertebral column starts to age in the third decade of life and this process continues for the rest of life. All of us suffer from degenerative changes in the spine and body. Spinal bone (vertebrae) health can decrease with age, but the good thing is that these degenerative changes do not always result in serious disorders and chronic pain, and it is possible to achieve better spine health even in advanced age.

Signs of Larger Problems of the Spinal Column That Appear With Ageing

There are many red flags which indicate the presence of a spinal health issue that requires you seek medical advice, such as:

facet joint degeneration

How to Prevent and Treat Spinal Disorders at Home?

Here are some tips that can help you to stay healthy, maintain the health of your spinal column, and achieve overall good spinal health.

Avoid smoking

Smoking has several negative effects on the health of your vertebral column and maintaining a healthy spine overall. This is so because nicotine reduces the blood supply towards intervertebral discs and musculature of the back. Compromised blood supply causes the inflammation of soft tissues and discs.


It goes without saying that strengthening your core muscles through properly targeted workouts which include flexion and extension stretches, walking, swimming, and other aerobic exercises are beneficial for your spine. Additionally, exercising helps maintain a healthy weight, which is also imperative for spinal health.

Do not over-stress your Back

Avoid lifting heavy weights as this may cause tearing of the back muscles and even of intervertebral discs.

Practice Good Posture

Arrange proper ergonomics that support your spine, so that you do not have to lean forward or slouch while working to maintain a good posture.

Buy a Supportive Mattress

Purchase a supportive mattress for sleeping which is neither too hard nor too soft. Adjust your sleeping position and avoid sleeping on your stomach. Always sleep on your side keeping a pillow between both legs.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

If you have a stressful day, practice relaxation techniques at the end of the day.

Stay Away from Depression

Depression is damaging to your overall health, including your spinal column health.

Treat Strains and Sprains

If you suffer from any stress or strain, treat it properly with rest, hot and cold fomentation, over the counter anti inflammatory medication and other home remedies. Consult the doctor if needed.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

When you are walking, doing exercise or doing other routine work, wear comfortable and supporting shoes because they play a significant role in supporting your vertebral column.

Go for Massage Therapy

Massage not only provides many therapeutic benefits, but also relieves stress. A good body massage can release endorphins, which are natural painkillers present in our bloodstream.

Take Enough Calcium

Calcium is mandatory for keeping your joints and bone strong. After the age of 30, degenerative changes in the bones commence so you need to take an adequate amount of calcium.

Males should take 1000 mg calcium per day and females require 1200 mg calcium per day. Try sourcing your calcium intake from foods, rather than supplements. You can take calcium by eating dairy products, nuts, vegetables, and fish.


You must make sure that you are taking enough rest and adequate peaceful sleep to allow regeneration process in your vertebral column and intervertebral discs.

See your Chiropractor or Physical therapist

See your chiropractor/physical therapist regularly for adjustments to keep your vertebral column healthy and well-functioning, as well as for physical therapy exercises that can help re-mobilise your spine and restore its function.

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