How to Live Without Back Pain?

Back pain is an evil that is affecting many people around the world. There was a time when this was only pain for older individuals or athletes. Nowadays, even the youth is suffering from these pains. The first solution to every problem is no surgery or medication, especially not for back pain. There is a lot that you can do at home and get relief from your pain.

Maintain Proper Posture

Back pain might go away but it comes back again. Why is that? It is because you are doing something that is promoting back pain. To prevent back pain and live pain-free, you must maintain your posture while sitting, standing and doing other activities.

  • When you are sitting for a long time, such as on your office desk, keep your feet on an elevated position.
  • Keep your back straight when you are sitting or standing.
  • When walking, keep your back straight and do not slouch as it increases pressure on the lower back.
  • Do not sleep in uncomfortable positions such as on your work chair or living room couch.

Any position that puts pressure on your back will lead to back pain.

Use a Hot Pack

One of the best home remedies for back pain is a hot pack. You can make one at home by taking a washcloth or towel and soaking it in hot water. Squeeze out the excess water and place the heat pad on your back. If you do not want to do all this, you can buy a hot water bottle from the market. The electric heat pads are also available these days. You do not have to fill them with hot water. Instead, you can plug them into a socket and the water is heated electrically.

Stretching Exercises

A lot of people are under the wrong impression that any kind of activity will make their back pain worse. It is quite the opposite actually. If you have back pain and you do not move the affected region, the pain is going to get worse. To live pain-free, you should do stretching exercises for your lower back. If the pain has traveled to your legs and buttocks, you can do stretching exercises for these regions too.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

If you are constantly becoming the victim of back pain, you should avoid eating foods that cause inflammation in the body. Most of the time, inflammatory markers either initiate the pain or worsen it. Incorporate omega 3 fatty acids in your diet as they are anti-inflammatory. If you are reducing or inhibiting the stimulus of pain, there will be no instance of pain.

Normally, you can use any of these home remedies to live pain-free. However, if the pain is consistent and just refuses to go away even after weeks of home remedies, you should consider using the Backrack Spinal Decompression Device. It’s a CE marked, a medical device designed to relieve almost all types of back pain at home. Please click the above-provided link to learn more about the patented Backrack technology.

Author: Spinal Backrack