How to Relieve Stress-Related Neck and Back Pain?

There was a time when the association between stress and physical pain was not very clear. However, now it is seen through research that stress can increase or begin the instances of neck pain and back pain. Psychosocial reasons contribute to increment in pain level. Research has shown that stress might even be a potential reason for neck pain.

As the tension begins increasing, the muscle gets tight and starts to ache. Neck pain can spread all the way to the shoulders while back pain tends to spread to the lower body. The person suffering from stress then has an aching body. There are some simple ways to relieve this pain.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression therapy works best to relieve stress-related neck or back pain. Your spine bears a lot of stress while you perform day-to-day requirements of the job or even sit with improper posture. Putting pressure on the upper, middle, or lower region of your spine for a long time eventually causes spinal compression. Now if you can decompress your spine, you can treat the back pain. To decompress your spine naturally, we recommend you to use the Backrack device at home. It’s a 100% safe, spinal decompression device that helps you treat and prevent all types of back pain through easy exercises. Please visit this link to find more details about this unique spinal decompression technology.


It is very important to relax if you want to get rid of the pain. Since the pain is due to stress, it is understandable that relieving stress will prevent the onset of pain. For this, you should meditate on a regular basis. This will help in making you calmer.


Stretching exercises are quite helpful when it comes to stress-related pain relief. Find a good stretching routine online and do it every day. Pain can make the muscle tighter, which is why they ache. With stretching exercises, the muscles tend to loosen up. Also, neck mobility increases.


Getting a massage also helps in reducing pain. You can get a massage from a family member or go to a professional masseuse to get a neck or back massage. Massage also loosens the muscles like stretching exercise but there is less work involved form your side, in this method of pain relief.

Mild Exercise

When you exercise, your body released endorphins. These hormones boost you up by generating a feeling of calmness and well-being. They also help in reducing the sensation of pain so try to incorporate exercise in your daily routine.


Sometimes, getting 8 hours of peaceful sleep does much more for you than any medication or other procedure. Your body needs to rest especially if you have been under stress for a long time. Give your body some rest and it will heal on its own.

Just remember that if you keep ignoring this pain, it will just get worse. Therefore, it is important that you try to reduce your stress level as it will have a positively reducing effect on the intensity of neck and back pain.

Author: Spinal Backrack