How To Treat The Loss of Intervertebral Disc Space?

Back pain is one of the most common discussed physical problems and the lower back pain is now a leading cause of disability. Back pain is not a disease but a symptom that means simply treating the pain will not heal your back. It is noted that 50% adults experience back pain each year.

One such disease that is responsible for back pain is Degenerative Disc Disease (or DDD for short). Found mostly in ageing adults DDD is the cause for loss in intervertebral disc space or the narrowing height of disc.

Let’s talk about degenerative disc disease and how you can treat and manage your back pain using the Backrack technology.

Anatomy & Symptoms

The spinal column is very unique and crucial in its work. The spine is divided into three parts Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar spine. There are normally 24 interconnected vertebrae, in an adult, that make up the spine. Between these vertebrae there are discs. These discs are made of soft rubber like substance that provide the spine with flex.

DDD causes the disc to lose its height. This causes other problems in the spine such as nerve impingement which causes back pain. Other disc related problems include bulging disc, herniated disc and thinning disc.


There are a number of treatments for DDD. Here they are in decreasing range of invasiveness:

  • Surgery & Injections:  DDD usually does not require surgery because it can be treated using other means. It is only carried out in extreme cases and requires various tests. Spinal injections may be used to lessen back pain.
  • Medicines: Anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxants and pain killers are utilized to deal with DDD.
  • Physical Therapy: This utilizes therapeutic exercise and massages to decrease pain and increase functionality in the back.

Non-Invasive Method To Deal With Degenerative Disc Disease

The Backrack is a medical device that can help you treat degenerative disc disease using spinal decompression therapy. Used by therapists and medical professionals to help people with back problems. Its use is not limited to DDD but it can help with a verity of back related problems such as sciatica, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, etc.

Its ease of use with its compact design allows you to keep this at home and do the therapeutic exercises whenever needed. You won’t need the help of other individuals, unlike other products which are more complex to use, and you can look over all the exercises in detail online.

What makes the Backrack so special is that it targets the cause of the pain directly with the help of wooden nodules along the rows. The special S shape of the Backrack mirrors the unique curvature of the spine ensuring that everything falls into its correct place without you needing to fidget about correcting your position.

Degenerative Disc Disease can be treated safely at home. Exploring non-surgical methods and employing the use of the Backrack can help you not only manage your back pain but also with reducing risk of other back related complexities.


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