Benefits Of Using Backrack For Spinal Decompression

SUMMARY of Medical Rationale: The basis for the revolutionary self-care non-invasive patented (TM and CE certified) orthopaedic Backrack SPINAL MOBILISER device, is centered on a comprehensive system of orthopaedic medicine principles for self-treatment of spinal disorders (common BACK PAIN) of Dr. Cyriax and Maitland.



The normal adult spine is anatomically imperfect and can be deemed to be skeletally deformed. Thus, diagnosis of various spinal conditions can be very complicated, even when performed by spinal specialists.


However, abnormal spine criteria (not abnormal joints), including bone abnormalities, new/old soft tissue changes, movement abnormalities and pain response, are treatable by a SPINAL MOBILISER system, called the Backrack.


The system applies a world revolutionary concept based on Orthopaedic Medicine and Spinal Rehabilitation. Applications of the device are related to the spinal pathology that require treatment. For example, spinal deformity disorders that are due to mechanical pathologies and symptoms are treatable accordingly.


The mechanics behind the device

A SKELETAL / PRIMARY PASSIVE oscillatory movement controls an ACTIVE NEURO-MUSCULAR-SECONDARY one. That is why the system is NOVEL in its effectiveness.


Oscillatory movement is performed by the patient whilst lying down on the rack. The patient’s body weight shifts upon application of specific motions. Thus, the facet joints return towards their starting position. Repeated application of weight leads to progressive decompression of the spinal structures.


As a result, the spine lengthens and both joint mobility and soft tissue elasticity increase, and stiffness is reduced. Patients can control their own body weight distribution precisely via the longitudinal axis of the device. Through rhythm, amplitude, force and position a self-mobilisation treatment can be performed.


A lying down position allows for a reduction of total body weight load by 25%. Repetitive movements of the vertebral canal, intervertebral foramen, neuro-central joints, zygoaphophyseal joints, foraminal and canal structures, the spinal cord, the duras, blood vessels, nerve roots and their dural structures are all involved.


The specific medical rationale of the system is based upon principles of ORTHOPAEDIC MEDICINE (since 1960) pioneered by Cyriax and Maitland, that address the causes, and subsequently the symptoms of back pain as well as spinal-related disorders.


The specific rationale is contained in a CE mark, 40 pages of medical validation, and an extensive literature of 192 authors. MOBILISATION of acute chronic disorders is a commonly accepted EFFECTIVE THERAPY.


The System covers many venues of spinal disorders through 2 product applications:

HOME use: whole spine –> lying down

Spinal Belt: all activities –> lumbar spine / standing


  • Treats CAUSES, and subsequently SYMPTOMS.
  • Relieves pain, stiffness, increases mobility, soft tissue elasticity.
  • Relaxes the whole spine/ body tension (psycho-somatic).
  • Treats daily stress/ tension/ headaches.
  • 100% safe, no side effects.
  • May prevent from surgery and age-related disorders of the spine.
  • Natural therapy, no medical supervision required  to see life quality improved.
  • INDISPENSABLE for computer users, office workers, car drivers, aeroplane travellers, sport fitness, construction workers, manual labourers and other professions requiring physical activities that place a high level of stress on the spine.
  • Endorsed by world top spinal specialists (CE mark).
  • World-patented.


Acroparaesthesia (pins and needles)

Ankylosing spondylitis

Disc conditions


Facet joint syndrome

Failed surgeries


Heart pain

Herniated discs

Leg/back pain

Nerve root impingement


Nutritional osteomalacia

Osteitis deformans

Osteo/reumathoid arthritis





Period pains

Prolapsed discs


Referred pain

Rheumatoid arthritis



Short leg syndrome

Slipped / bulging discs






Visceral disorders

Leg/back pain

Nerve root impingement