Is Driving giving you Back pain?

Sitting in the car in the same position for a long period of time can trigger back pain.

If you drive fairly long distances to and from work everyday (driving for over half an hour) or your job specifically involves long hours of driving, you may have experienced back pain-Approximately 30-60% of drivers report back pain that is caused or made worse by driving.

This is not uncommon as driving exposes the body to many different forces including acceleration, deceleration and most notably vibration. Larger heavy goods vehicle drivers are exposed to a lot of vibration and consequently  report more back pain. Driving also involves the use of your feet to control the car’s pedals which means they are not used to help stabilise and support your lower body as they normally would when sitting. A combination of these factors as well as the inadequate design of some vehicle seats can cause back problems for some.

lower back pain due to driving.


In order to maintain back health and avoid these back issues using a product such as the Backrack at home 3/4 times per week can stop you getting to the point of backache, by preventing it in the first place and gently decompressing the facet joints.

If you need extra help and have in particular lower backpain the Backrack Lumbar belt will be necessary to support you in the lower region whilst travelling, this is also indispensable for carrying heavy loads so very suitable for truck drivers moving boxes etc.

Currently on offer is the Backrack Combo, where you receive both the Backrack and the Lumbar belt and save £50.

We believe that treating the causes and hence the symptoms will enable backpain suffers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Treat and prevent and your wellbeing will thank you for it, there is absolutely no reason to take painkillers or opt for reversible and often (crippling) surgery. Based on sound Orthopaedic experience these products will help you live your life backpain free.